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Monday, February 29, 2016

Khazarian Butt-Kissing on Display in the USA


Entire US Political Establishment Serving Israel
By Kevin Barrett on February 21, 2016

Dr. Kevin Barrett of Veterans Today, editor of We Are Not Charlie Hebdo and scholar of Arabic and Islamic studies, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Saturday while commenting on a statement by US Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, who has that if elected, he will ignore Palestinians and serve Israel.

Speaking at a town hall meeting in South Carolina on Friday night, Cruz said, “Let me tell you this: As president, I have no intention of being neutral. As president, I will be unapologetically alongside the nation of Israel.”

Cruz also condemned his Republican rival Donald Trump for saying he would remain neutral in the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Dr. Barrett said the news “should come as no surprise, because that’s precisely what virtually the entire political establishment here in the United States has been doing for many years, even for decades.”

“But that is really not very polite, certainly not to the Palestinians, who have been suffering from this Israeli expansionism, aggression and arguably genocide for so long, all paid for by American taxpayer dollars,” he added.

“Ted Cruz like the other Republican candidates for president seems to be in a competition with the others to see who can declare the most abject fealty and utter shameless subservience to the state of Israel — a foreign entity that is not even considered legitimate by any of its neighbors or virtually any of the people in the region,” the analyst stated.

“It’s a very bizarre situation. One is really at a loss in looking at history to try to find another situation in which the leaders and the prospective leaders of a great power were falling all over themselves, declaring that they were loyal to a smaller and extremely globally unpopular power across the seas. This is completely unprecedented,” he pointed out.

“And it’s not only unprecedented, it’s embarrassing. Just as an American I cannot believe that the people of this country have allowed their leaders to be hijacked by a foreign power in this way,” Dr. Barrett observed.

It may be difficult to admit, but the USA government is a complete Israeli marionette with AIPAC, Jewish banks, Jewish corporations, and several super wealthy Zionist Jews pulling the strings.  Politicians have been labeled and described as psychopathic whores controlled by monetary payouts and blackmail threats from the Khazarian Jewish mafia.  The question that must be asked and answered is:  just exactly what does the USG hope to gain by fighting the wars of Israel and pretending to be an all-powerful superpower that can throw its weight and opinion around to anyplace in the world with impunity?  If a one world government is finally created with the Rothchild Khazarian mafia in control, does John McCain or Hillary Clinton believe they will be rich, powerful, and in control?  Perhaps, but the possibility of these goyim whites and libtard blacks being asset stripped or hung seems more likely.  The only political salvation for the American, English, and French populations is to renounce and drive out the money changers.  Jesus may have been giving us a message that we need to incorporate today as I believe it will be at His return.  Fortunately for Russia, this seems to have been accomplished already. 

Due to vast amounts of Khazarian propaganda issued during the cold war, most white Americans and Europeans view Russia as the enemy with the intent to destroy us.  However, that is not necessarily the case.  As a matter of fact, RT News recently had a headline entitled: “The US government is encouraging NATO to spend for money on military hardware because the Russians will probably attack.”  We are all essentially the same stock of people.

The following links are provided for those desiring more information on Khazars and Zionist Jews.

A recent article written by Ray Camens for Veterans Today makes this comment: 
It is obvious from the outside that the USA has become the face and fist of the global NWO evil empire. But are the majority of the American People aware of this and more importantly can they wake up out of their stupor to restore some dignity to their country and to the world? 

As the NWO Hawks and Holy Crusaders in the US continue to implement their Greater Middle East Project with their Zionist puppet-masters in England and Israel, its business as usual with Muslims killing each other and everybody else by the millions and yet more multi-multi-billion dollar revenues in arms. In the USA they are keeping the ignorant masses busy with flashy election campaigns, where no matter if the Republicans or the Democrats come out in front the NWO wins and the People of the US lose.

According to Mr. Camens the GME Project has two objectives: The first is dividing and dominating countries in the region, and taking possession of their energy and valuable resources. The second and paramount reason is attaining the Holy/Promised lands as part of the End of Days and the Second Coming. 

Anywhere Abraham and his flock went, all the places that Jesus and his disciples visited and the realm of Christian Byzantium are Holy Grounds to be recaptured. Keep in mind that given its prominence in the Bible, Damascus in Syria may be their second most important city after Jerusalem.

His second reason is a big surprise to me to a certain extent.  It is apparent that Israel desires to extend their national land mass to either equal or exceed that of the Davidic kingdom and the US military are their puppets fighting those wars but the reason would be for oil and natural resources.  The USG’s interest in their Biblical lands could not be on a Christian basis unless they were attempting to defy the writings of the Revelation and circumvent the Armageddon construct.  I would doubt Congress is into prophecy enough to even consider the matter (but I could be wrong).

Mr. Camens points out that Christian Zionists (I suppose these are organized Church leaders who believe the Jews are the answer to Biblical prophecy and thus kiss the Kazarian rear-ends) believe that a nuclear war must take place for the world to be finally rid of sin while they are whisked away to heaven.  Some are apparently tired of waiting for God to act so they are taking matters into their own hands and creating an Armageddon in the Middle East.  To be on the safe side, it is reported they are (and have been) building underground cities if hide themselves in for protection.

I recently posted an article entitled, “The Final Beast is Here” listing Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and their allies, as a final beast head (with the beast being an empire or area).  Some commentators assumed I meant that Erdogan is the antichrist/beast which I did not proclaim at all.  The powers-that-be are in the City of London banking area, Israel, and the USG.  The Turkey-Syria confrontation is no more than a proxie battle area for the real NWO leaders.  According to one’s prophetic interpretative position, the final beast may already be present, just not recognized by the blinded eyes of the current world, particularly prophecy students.
According to Mr. Camens, the important question to be asked is, “what is the NWO’s biggest fear?”

That the masses will see through their evil scam and bring it down like the house of cards that it is, before it comes to fruition. We are reaching a critical point in global awareness, humanity is waking up by the millions and have no doubt about it together we are Atlas himself. As things stand, the world is being run by a handful of zealous, well-organized, secretive and scheming families who control the money. Our sheer numbers are enough to send them into oblivion if we come together – but somebody has to lead the way.

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