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Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Final Beast Is Here but Unrecognized


It is my opinion the final Revelation 13 beast is currently present and operating in the world.  This beast that has risen from the sea of the Biblical land area is stationed in Turkey and currently joined with Saudi Arabia, most of North Africa, and several other countries and areas.

This beast and its operation has escaped the recognition of most prophecy scholars and most, if not all, current events analysts not grounded in prophetic understanding.  Its goal and methodology has been stated by Veteran’s Today (website) senior editor Gordon Duff, although he does not appear to recognize the prophetic implications, in an article entitled, NEO – Erdogan’s Plan, Islamic Empire or Armageddon, that can be found at the following link:  http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/02/21/neo-erdogans-plan-islamic-empire-or-armageddon/.

I will attempt to outline Mr. Duff’s writing below.  Much of it is “copy and paste” with some editing to reduce verbiage and unnecessary information.

The size of the combined militaries of Turkey, the Saudis and other Gulf States, both air power and armor is bigger than NATO and it is currently in place without the need for naval or aircraft shipment.

Their plans are to currently carve up both Syria and Iraq but are currently setback due to the Syrian coalition effectiveness.

Erdogan’s flooding of Europe with refugees was the opening shot of this move, where the weak underbelly of Greece and the Balkans were the chosen route. It had all the fingerprints of a planned, major military operation.  All were astonished to see Merkel immediately jump on board with the acceptance of refugees followed by other country’s attitude of “it’s none of our business”.  Note that Israel does not take refugees.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia have made their plans clear to an amazed world — a new Wahhabist empire, an “Islamic State,” not the one the puppet front organization ISIS is running, but a real one with up to a million men in uniform, over three thousand modern combat aircraft and nuclear weapons.

Syria will fall to them, as will Iraq. They will take Jordan in a snap, crushing it from the north and south. The Gulf States are already onboard, willing members while Egypt may hold out a while, with Israel, as long as it survives, holding one flank while Libya is already “gone,” as part of the secret Erdogan caliphate.

Erbil strongman dictator, Barzani has already split Iraq, a “done deal.” He has joined Turkey against not only the PKK but Turkish Kurds who are being wiped off the map and his Syrian brothers, who are being slaughtered to his silence, and of course the government in Baghdad that pays his salary.

Afghanistan is under attack, with ISIS recruiters and Saudi cash making significant inroads, not only there but in nuclear Pakistan as well. To his north, Ukraine is fully onboard, ready to declare war on Russia any day, while Bulgaria and Romania remain silent partners, ready to knife both Russia and NATO in the back.

Georgia is a de facto client state of Turkey, a path for arms smuggling, the new “other silk road,” from Ukraine, by plane or Black Sea trawler from Odessa, into Georgia and through Turkey into Syria and Iraq, into the hands of Erdogan’s terror armies.

Erdogan Desires World Domination
According to Mr. Duff:  Israel woke up first and dumped Erdogan like a “hot potato.” He had them fooled the way he had Europe fooled. He even had Russia and Iran going for years with promises of trade deals and gas pipelines. Now it is clear, this is a madman bent on world domination, nothing less.

There was a time when Israel saw Syria as a threat, but that Syria is in ruins today, the army stretched, winning against a “sea of foes” for sure, but unlikely to ever be a threat against Israel again, which is why Tel Aviv supported both insurgents and terrorists.

Today, Assad’s Syria is all that stands between Israel and an Islamic Empire, not the “Islamic State” of ISIS, but a Wahhabist monstrosity capable of wiping Israel off the map with ease, American backing and a nuclear arsenal notwithstanding and Israel now knows this all too well.  Israel will look back on its former days of planning a preemptive strike on Iran or pouring armies into Syria across the Golan Heights as its “crazy days”.

The War Has Already Begun
A war is already going on. Turkey has invaded Syria, ISIS is a Turkish army, Muslim Brotherhood recruits, mercenaries, underwritten by the Saudis and Qatar, aided by rogue Western intelligence agencies, the CIA and MI6.

Turkey has bombed Kurds inside Syria, not the claimed “rebel” PKK, but the US allies of the YPG, and is now shelling them in violation of a UNSC memorandum.  Turkey has invaded Iraq, sending in 1500 troops who now protect Mosul, the ISIS capitol. Their base sits on the strategic route for ISIS oil theft, protecting it until it enters the breakaway “Barzani Caliphate.”

Turkey is in a shooting war with Russia, kept in check only by a Russian naval force in the Mediterranean and Caspian Seas and by massive Russian military exercises north of Turkey’s borders.

Turkey is actively threatening Greece with continual air space violations and aggressive claims made against Greek islands in the Aegean.

Turkey is preparing for war with Iran, ethnically cleansing their common border of Kurds and through building a military base in Qatar to launch operations from.

Putin was Erdogan’s friend, with a broad commercial relationship theoretically cementing their relationship. Assad had always known Erdogan for who he is, as had Iraq.

Netanyahu was surprised also, believing out of his usual hubris that Israel’s nuclear arsenal and US backing, now not so solid, would guarantee them ascendency in any relationship.

Obama and Erdogan are totally on the outs. Following Obama, as is not always the case, is the military leadership of NATO.

America and NATO have, over the past couple of days, awakened to a “new cold war” of rhetoric and petty Baltic State buildups, all empty posturing based on manipulation by Erdogan and his powerful backers in Washington, which include all but the Greek factions of organized crime.

Europe now lies prostrate at Erdogan’s feet
Erdogan has been very successful in the refugee war resulting in an upheaval that has left the European Union in ruin. He has also filled Europe with terror cells, modeled on the NATO Gladio model which countered a supposed Soviet threat.

Europe is now honeycombed with weapons caches and terror cells while attempts to resist these efforts are derailed via claims of racist bigotry.

At will, Erdogan’s huge army trucks them to the coast and loads them onto boats, drowning some, pouring the rest into Greece, a nation he hates almost as much as he hates Russia and the Kurdish people.

Political attempts inside Europe to stem this tide are represented as neo-fascist (Biblical blindness and stupidity). Moreover, funds earmarked for counter-terrorism in the EU are not only sadly inadequate to deal with the thousand fold increase in threat level but are bled off for refugee services.

The combined military of Turkey, the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia, the New Islamic State, or better stated, the “Islamic Empire,” can field up to 3500 modern main battle tanks, over 3000 generation 3+ combat aircraft, the most advanced air and missile defenses American could provide, and put over 1 million men in the field.

Over 18,000 Turkish troops are on the Syrian border now, with another 250,000 available to move into both Syria and Iraq within 30 days, all fully mobilized. From the south, some already in Jordan on “training exercises,” Saudi Arabia has armored forces ready to move into Syria while more are staged to attack Iraq.

The threat isn’t just Turkey against Iraq or Turkey against Syria. It isn’t simply Russia lashing out at Turkey.  The threat is the creation of an autocratic terror state run by a madman, a state of stonings and head choppings, a state of slavery and conquest, a state built on the Wahhabist extremism that created the model for ISIS but 30 times larger, encompassing North Africa, the Balkans to the Indus River.

Other Likely Parameters and Conclusions
If the above scenario is true, then Biblical prophecy will be fulfilled without the acknowledgment of the world’s prophecy experts, Bible teachers, and other exegetes until it is practically too late to make money writing books and selling DVDs about it.  It is doubtful if Mr. Duff or I will make any worldwide impact.

However, there are a few issues that need to be addressed.  The Mystery Babylon harlot of international and world banking systems will most likely diffuse of its own accord through greed and stupidity.  The involvement of the Vatican, if any, should be resolved with the destruction of Mystery Babylon.  Israel and their puppets, including the USA, may have intended to create a one world empire but they have been preempted by the designs of the Caliphate.  It is possible that Jerusalem will be nuked as intimated by several Biblical passages.  The reemergence of a Roman Empire is a pipe dream and the result of misunderstood prophecy.  If there is an actual “antichrist” (a bodily beast), which is doubtful, it will probably be Erdogan, although that could change in the future.  Joel Richardson’s “antichrist” theology, which is based on Islamic hadiths, will never come to pass as will none of the Koranic writings or beliefs. 

Almost the entire world has been blinded to the truth and the few that appear to see have no impact.

A Personal Note:  After reading Dr. Duff’s article, I thought to myself – this is it; this is the way it will be.  Then I prayed to God:  If You want me to write this article and post it then help me get my feeble self up and going; give me the words I need; two hours later, here is the post.  Am I a prophet?  No, I am nothing but I believe this is the truth.        

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