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Monday, August 7, 2017

Nephilim Wars Update

By Stephen Jones:  Aug 07, 2017

On August 1, 2017 we reached the time period of 1480 days since Pope Frances issued his Motu Proprio on July 11, 2013.  His decree had an effective date of September 1, 2013, so 1480 days from then is September 21, 2017.

For this reason, the time period from August 1 to September 21 this year represents an important period of transition, which I believe will see very important events coming to pass in regard to the collapse of Mystery Babylon in 2017.

What is Motu Proprio?
Here is how it was explained to me…
At the time when Motu Proprio was enacted, the pope was functioning in 2 capacities: 
1) Legal head of the little horn’s (the sea Beast or “antichrist” as some refer it it) authority, and;
2) Titular ‘head’ of the corporate body of the CHURCH, in place of Vicar of (Anti-) Christ

When the pope initiated Motu Proprio in 2013, he effectively deconstructed the entirety of the Mystery Babylonian integrated ‘system’.  He took responsibility/liability only for his INDIVIDUAL (singular PERSON is a CORPORATION) role and released his PERSON and ALL sub-corporations into their full liability.  The POPE then rescinds responsibility for any ensuing liability for the FOLLOWERS.

At the same time, he relies upon the existing demonic structures (ghost images) to maintain the appearance of authority and rule, by which he intends to still lead others into the ‘aliens-are-pure-and-bring-the-true religion’ (i.e. Luciferian) perspective while presuming to maintain responsibility only for his own office.

People do not realize they are no longer under the Pope,s established (law and times) sway and authority in any area that was established through that office, so even by the standards of his own commercial contract law, he has violated the ‘meeting of the minds’ requirement for a valid contract to even exist – thus, it is null and void ‘ab initio’ (from the outset).  In effect, he has dis-integrated the whole Beast system, allowing the true sons to address each of the beast system ‘components’ separately. (Commerce, Religion, Culture & Politics and Law).

The Pope has actually acknowledged (by this ‘authoritative’ document) that he knew he had no more authority by the time 2014 came around, so he actually acted to remove his responsibility for all those who follow him (not to mention presuming to extract ‘himself’ from the responsibility to fulfill the dominion/fruitfulness mandate), while retaining the tenuous appearance of a ghost image of earthly ‘authority’…  However, in fact, there is no longer ‘adherence’ (Dan. 2:43) between Roman Iron and vessels of clay!

The 1480 Years/Days
The Old Testament “church” began when God called Israel out of Egypt, and it ended at the cross, which was the 1480th Passover since the first one that Israel kept in the land of Egypt. There was also a second 1480-year cycle to be fulfilled in the second church, the church in the Pentecostal Age, but this cycle did not begin immediately in Acts 2. Instead, it began when the “little horn” arose from 529-534-536/7 A.D.

These dates saw the changing of the calendar from A.U.C. (ad urbe condita, “year of the founding” of Rome) to a new calendar that referenced the birth of Christ (Julian calendar). This was decreed by the Emperor Justinian, who ruled the Roman Empire from Constantinople.

Next, after changing the calendar of the empire, Justinian revamped the laws of the empire, discarding the Roman Empire’s antiquated legal system and replacing it with “Orthodox Christian law.” This was done first in 529, revised in 530, made effective in 534, and tested in 536/537. I wrote of these things in my study in Daniel, Book 2.

Essentially the “little horn” was to be known by his “alterations in times and in laws” (Daniel 7:25). His main time of power was to be a time, times, and half a time, or 1260 years. This ended during the French Revolution from 1789-1794, after which time, Napoleon invaded Rome and took the pope captive (1798). This was the “fatal wound” in Revelation 13, which was later healed.

The problem in prophecy was that the book of Revelation does not tell us how long the little horn would have after his fatal wound was healed. That was a mystery to me until September 2013, when I discovered that the 1480-year cycle was applicable to the little horn and that his time would end from 2009-2014-2017.

The Elisha signs began in 2009. In July 2013 the Pope issued his Motu Propria, essentially recognizing that his power had ended. At Tabernacles of 2014 we were led to declare the legal end of beast rule. On August 1, 2017 we end of 1480 DAYS (short-term prophecy) ended, concluding the 1480 YEARS (long-term prophecy).

Soon Coming Attractions
We now expect to see events leading to the fall of Mystery Babylon, particularly with upheavals in the political and financial realms. Since September-October has traditionally been the months where we have seen such upheavals in the past (including 2008), this is most likely the time to watch in this regard. But the early signs of collapse could be seen in August, if you know what to watch for.

Personally, I see this as Part 2 from the banking crisis of 2008, when Lehman Brothers collapsed on September 15, 2008, along with the bailout of AIG and other large banks and corporations. The problems back then were not fixed, but papered over. The debt load has now been greatly increased since 2008, making it a virtual impossibility for the system to survive another Lehman-style collapse.

If 2008 established any kind of pattern, it would seem that we should watch for the collapse of another large bank. Deutsche Bank comes to mind, since it is in serious financial trouble. Economists have been forecasting its demise for some months now. If it collapses, it is doubtful if the German government would be able to save it without destroying the European economy. The European Central Bank already bailed out two large Italian banks last month, even though this violated their own rules (laws). But they can’t bail out all of the banks.

Further, since Fed Chairman, Janet Yellen, stated recently that she does not expect to see another bank crisis in this century, you can be sure that such a crisis is very near. They always issue such statements just before a collapse. They never foretell a collapse, because to do so with then cause the collapse immediately. For this reason, you cannot believe what they say when they reassure you that all is well. The public never learns of the problem until the crisis actually hits. By then it is too late to do anything about it. Only the (lying) insiders are able to take steps to protect themselves. This is ALWAYS the way it happens.

Keep in mind that Revelation 16:18 says that a great earthquake will split Babylon into three parts. The quake appears to cause the split. The quake may be physical or it may be a political quake, an economic quake, or perhaps all of the above. (I think it will be all of these.) So be in prayer as to what cautionary steps to take.

The Nephilim Statues in America
We have discovered recently that the three giant statues in America somehow represent three chief Nephilim rulers who function in authority over 22,000 lower Nephilim and their 147,000 troops (3 x 49,000). The statues are on the East Coast, the West Coast, and the middle of the country (in Minnesota).

The first and largest is the Statue of Liberty on the East Coast. The second largest is Portlandia in Portland, Oregon. These two are female figures. The third is in New Ulm, Minnesota, known as Herman the German, built in honor of the man who destroyed 3 Roman legions in the forest back in 9 A.D., gaining independence for Germany at that time.

The third one is of greatest interest to us at the moment, mostly because his name links the statue to Mount Herman and Hermantown. Mount Hermon is where the Nephilim were first spawned in Genesis 6:4, and it is the place of the false/counterfeit “sons of God.”

Recall our earlier reports, where we informed you of the divine court to replace the Nephilim in Hermantown, MN with the Cherub called “Power of the Flame.” We did this by divine direction on July 15, and the final verdict came at 7:22 a.m. on July 22, 2017 (7/22).

Although the divine verdict went in our favor, the Nephilim have no intention of turning over the reins of authority to the saints of the Most High without a fight. They remain in disagreement with the Father, so we expect a battle. We are currently exploring to see if my earlier revelation about a prayer campaign on August 23 may involve this Nephilim issue, or a related issue.

Chad’s Experience with the Nephilim
On August 3, 2017, one of the Nephilim (named Herman) came to Chad to try to make a deal with peaceful terms, stating that he did not want to be removed from his place of authority. Herman was representing the two ruling Nephilim connected to the large statues in America. These have had authority over Canada, USA, and Mexico. Herman asked that we not break their altars of authority. In turn, they would concede the banking system, legal system, and religious system, but not culture and politics. If we do not agree, he said, he (they) would annihilate us.

Wishful thinking, of course!

Herman revealed that there were 22,000 altars throughout North America, correlating to 22,000 Nephilim, creating a continental power grid.

Chad replied, “We’ll get back with you in God’s time.”

Then yesterday, August 6, 2017, Chad called again to report an out-of-body experience, as another Nephilim somehow took him high into the air to negotiate terms with him in a more “polite” manner (no threats this time). As he told me of the experience, it was still so fresh that he still felt somewhat “disconnected” from his body.

I reminded him of Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness, when the devil took Him first to the pinnacle of the temple and later to a high mountain to negotiate co-existence and spheres of authority. It seems that Chad had a similar experience yesterday.

The Nephilim are desperately trying to negotiate a treaty that would allow them to retain some position of authority. But as we learn from Jesus’ experience, there is no negotiation unless the Nephilim want to submit to the full authority of Jesus Christ. I reminded Chad that the law says that Israel was to make no treaties with the Canaanites. That is the basic law that is relevant to this case, since we are essentially the Israelites who are taking over the land controlled by the Nephilim today.

They want to retain political and cultural authority in the earth. But politics involves the Dominion Mandate. Essentially, the Nephilim are offering to concede the Birthright to us, as long as they get the Dominion Mandate.

Fat chance! We are not going to negotiate away the position of King, nor will we allow them to dictate the direction of culture. What good is the Birthright without the authority to direct its resources in a godly manner?

So it appears that a battle is brewing soon. I will keep you informed as things develop.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Minor Attack On Affirmative Action


The New York Times first published the news Tuesday night that the Department of Justice is planning on tackling affirmative action in college admissions.  The far left and liberals were quite displeased.

The NYT threw gas on the fire by picturing the move as solely designed to target discrimination against whites, as well as featuring a quote from a left-wing activist that made it appear the DOJ’s move was a racist “dog whistle.”

It has been said that affirmative action damages educational opportunities for Asians much more than it does white students in most cases.

Many high level universities aka Ivy League, have been accused of effectively implementing “Asian quotas” in their admission practices.  (https://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2012/12/19/fears-of-an-asian-quota-in-the-ivy-league/statistics-indicate-an-ivy-league-asian-quota)  Last year, several Asian-American advocacy groups filed a complaint against Yale, Dartmouth and Brown over allegations the schools enforce these discriminatory quotas.

According to a 2016 Gallup poll, 65 percent of Americans disagree with allowing race to be a factor in college admissions. Among African-Americans, the group that is perceived to benefit the most from these policies, there is also majority opposition to racial preferences, with 50 percent opposing and 44 percent supporting.

Mismatch describes how minority students are admitted into universities above their academic ability and then struggle significantly with the work. The theory states that this leads to alienation among the students accepted due to their race and not their grades, and may explain the recent spate of agitation on campus.

Instead of blaming affirmative action for unintentionally hurting them, the students affected by mismatch blame systemic racism and, in turn, become radical activists.

It has been said the Millennial’ overcomer judges and rulers will implement a merit system regardless of race, sex, or skin color.  This merit system will apply to all jobs, careers, and positions in addition to higher education.  Mr. Trump presently appears to be attempting to implement a merit system for college and university admission.  Affirmative action opposes that way of thinking.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Replacing Nephilim at Spiritual Gates

The hidden significance of replacing the Nephilim

Article by Stephen Jones Aug 01, 2017


Editor's Note:  When Dr. Jones mentions Nephilim, it is not clear if he is referring to an actual entity or to the spirit of a dead Nephilim which would be a "demon" according to 1 Enoch.

On July 15, 2017 a group of us went before the divine court to replace the Nephilim at the spiritual gate in Hermantown, a suburb of Duluth. He was replaced with a Cherub called the Power of the Flame. Little did we know how this was to play out in the coming weeks.

That Nephilim objected and proceeded to accuse us falsely, so we were led to answer his objections two days later on July 17. But since he had accused us falsely in violation of the law, we had legal cause to bind him and send him to the feet of Jesus for judgment. The Judge then told us that He would render His verdict by July 22, 2017.

The underlying theme of this entire court case had to do with “provision,” although it was somewhat unclear why the gate signified provision. All we really knew was that this Nephilim had been given authority over provision and that it was now time to make a change. Provision then arrived on July 21, 2017, earmarked for the Open Door Ministry—specifically for the trips to the Philippines and Cambodia that I am planning to take in October-November. This confirmed that the verdict from the Judge went in our favor, as we knew it would.

Recall that Duluth is the Open Door (daleth), and Hermantown represents Mount Hermon, where the original Nephilim (giants) were born in Genesis 6:4. Naphal means “to fall” in Hebrew, and Nephilim is plural (“fallen ones”).

Next, the significance of August 1 was shown to me, for it was 1480 days from the Motu Proprio that Pope Francis issued on July 11, 2013. He did not issue this as the head of the church, but as the ultimate owner of all corporations. I gave extensive background in the following link, which ends with the explanation of the Motu Proprio:

Now that we have reached August 1, 2017, we now have received the next level of revelation necessary to understand what is happening. Someone sent me a video, which I watched late last night. I was intrigued by this man’s story, because he told of his visit to Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia and how he was given access to the very house (and parlor) where the Federal Reserve Act had been agreed upon in 1910.

The house, owned by John D. Rockefeller, had been built directly over an ancient stone altar, where an unusual giant tribe had offered human sacrifices during past centuries. They were 8 to 8½ feet in height, and their altar was unlike any among the Indian tribes in America. So although they are said to be an Indian tribe, it is clear that they were not Indians at all, but a branch of the Nephilim.

Here is where some of the richest men in the world dedicated the future Federal Reserve Bank, along with Federal Reserve NOTES, to the Nephilim in 1910. From there, the bill itself was written and presented to Congress in December of 1913.
The Fed and its money later became the main leader of all the central banks of the world, so that all could come under the covering of the Nephilim, sealed by blood sacrifice. I recommend that you listen to this video.
It is no coincidence that this video came to me on the night of July 31, 2017 as we entered August 1st.

The Story of Jekyll Island
I first learned of the meeting at Jekyll Island back in the early 1970’s, while attending the University of Minnesota. I did much research at the library there and saw for myself the February 9, 1935 issue of the Saturday Evening Post, pages 25, 70, which included an article written by Frank Vanderlip.
The story is quoted in G. Edward Griffin’s book, The Creature from Jekyll Island, p. 11.
“Despite my views about the value to society of greater publicity for the affairs of corporations, there was an occasion, near the close of 1910, when I was as secretive—indeed, as furtive—as any conspirator… I do not feel it is an exaggeration to speak of our secret expedition to Jekyll Island as the occasion of the actual conception of what eventually became the Federal Reserve System….
“We were told to leave our last names behind us. We were told, further, that we should avoid dining together on the night of our departure. We were instructed to come one at a time and as unobtrusively as possible to the railroad terminal on the New Jersey littoral of the Hudson, where Senator Aldrich’s private car would be in readiness, attached to the rear end of a train for the South….
Once aboard the private car we began to observe the taboo that had been fixed on our last names. We addressed one another as “Ben,” “Paul,” “Nelson,” “Abe”—it is Abraham Piatt Andrew. Davison and I adopted even deeper disguises, abandoning our first names. On the theory that we were always right, he became Wilbur and I became Orville, after those two aviation pioneers, the Wright brothers…
“The servants and train crew may have known the identities of one or two of us, but they did not know all, and it was the names of all printed together that would have made our mysterious journey significant in Washington, in Wall Street, even in London. Discovery, we knew, simply must not happen, or else all our time and effort would be wasted. If we were to be exposed publicly that our particular group had got together and written a banking bill, that bill would have no chance whatever of passage by Congress.”
Actually, Vanderlip was not the first to reveal that a secret meeting on Jekyll Island had taken place, but he was the first to describe it. Earlier, in 1930, Paul Warburg himself, the architect of the Federal Reserve System, wrote a 1750-page book entitled, The Federal Reserve System, Its Origin and Growth. G. Edward Griffin commented on this book, saying:
“In this time, he described the meeting and its purpose but did not mention either its location or the names of those who attended. But he did say, ‘The results of the conference were entirely confidential. Even the fact there had been a meeting was not permitted to become public.’ Then, in a footnote he added: ‘Though eighteen years have since gone by, I do not feel to give a description of this most interesting conference concerning which Senator Aldrich pledged all participants to secrecy’.”
Griffin also mentions a few of the conspirators on page 12 of his book:
“Here were representatives of the world’s leading banking consortia: Morgan, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Warburg, and Kuhn-Loeb.”
This is not a complete list, but I mention this because Rockefeller was named. He is the one who built the house over the blood altar, so there is little doubt that he (as its owner) was the one that was most responsible for dedicating the Federal Reserve Bank and its money to the Nephilim.
John D. Rockefeller himself was the son-in-law of Senator Aldrich, having married Aldrich’s daughter, Abigail. (Nelson Rockefeller, the Vice President under Gerald Ford, was their second son. Their oldest son, David, died on March 20, 2017 at the age of 101.) Benjamin Fulford wrote this in his report for July 31, 2017:
“Until recently, David Rockefeller was the secret leader of the planet earth. He was chairman of the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. Furthermore, through various foundations he also controlled the fortune 500 corporations. In addition to this, because he was married to an Italian princess, Rockefeller also had enormous influence over the Vatican P2 Freemason lodge that controls the Catholic Church and the mafia.”
The Banking Crisis in 2008
On the video which told the testimony of the man’s visit to Jekyll Island, he said that this took place about 5 days before the collapse of Lehman Brothers. That collapse on September 15, 2008 nearly took down the entire banking system. Actually, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke met with more than 100 bankers in an emergency meeting from September 12-15, and this meeting ended with them allowing Lehman Brothers to collapse on September 15, 2008.
There seems to be a connection between the man’s prayer at Jekyll Island (around September 10, 2008) and the collapse of Lehman Brothers five days later.

When led by the Holy Spirit, prayer is an awesome thing. We are now in the second part of this prayer work. The video did not say specifically what he prayed about in 2008, but he may have given more details in other interviews, which I have not yet had time to hear. At any rate, I see his work as laying foundations for our own divine court work in 2017.

I wish everyone was more diligent in dating important dates in their lives. Most do not realize that the date of a revelation reveals a lot about its purpose and fulfillment. In this case, we only have a general date of September 10, 2008 to work with, “about five days before the collapse of Lehman Brothers.” I suspect that this date is accurate, however, because it appears to correlate with the first day of Tabernacles this year—October 5, 2017.
From September 10, 2008 to October 5, 2017 is 8 x 414 days (3312 days).

Is the Long Captivity Ending?
In my book, Secrets of Time, chapter 10, I wrote about this number. I wrote about the first captivity that Israel suffered under the king of Mesopotamia (or Babylon) in Judges 3:8-10. It was an 8-year captivity, but being the first captivity, it set a long-term cycle into motion for the next 8 x 414 YEARS, ending in 1948.

The first two cycles of 414 years ended with the fall of Babylon in 537 B.C. The final six cycles of 414 ended with the establishment of the Israeli state in 1948. This means that in 1948 we had the potential of seeing the end of our current Babylonian captivity—and the end of all of the beast systems. But, of course, it was still too soon, because an extra century had been added to our captivity in 1914-1917.
What actually did happen is that Esau killed Nimrod and usurped his garments, as the book of Jasher tells us. The Jewish state is prophetic Esau-Edom, since the Edomites were conquered and absorbed by the Jews in 126 B.C. They are the only ones eligible to fulfill the end-time prophecies about Edom. Since Jacob stole Esau’s identity to obtain the Birthright long ago, the divine court ruled that Esau would be allowed to steal Jacob’s identity at some point in history. This is what took place in 1948. Hence, the Birthright was given back to Esau-Edom, in order to allow Esau time to prove his unworthiness, so that the Birthright can be given to the saints of the Most High, who are truly called to receive it.

This 8 x 414 year cycle is about long-term prophecy. When we arrived at the end of that cycle in 1948, it appears that God gave Esau 70 years in which to bring forth the fruit of the Kingdom that is required from anyone holding the Birthright. Up to now, the Israeli state has failed to fulfill its responsibility. They did not declare any Jubilee, nor did they set us free from the debt-bondage of the Federal Reserve Bank and its cursed money that was dedicated to the Nephilim.

We are now in the general time frame for the collapse of Babylon in 2017-2018. But the short-term cycle of 8 x 414 DAYS from September 10, 2008 to October 6, 2017 may provide a more specific time frame for the end of Esau’s dominion.