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Sunday, October 15, 2017

World Calamities & Tribulation


As has been stated on several occasions, there will be no 7 year tribulation period as some dispensational literalists claim is represented by the events contained in the Revelation.  Three and one-half prophetic years should not be calculated as 1260 literal days but rather as 1260 years.  The first five chapters of the Revelation can be taken somewhat literally, although they represent metaphoric details signifying a basic literal occurrence that will happen on the earth or in the mental actions of God.

Chapter six through the destruction of Mystery, Babylon have some literal aspects as envisioned by John although the descriptions are mostly metaphoric and symbolic and these particular events are currently taking place.  The modern “Kings of the East” which have been identified as primarily Russia and China are abolishing the USG’s petrol dollar scheme which is the main reason for the attitudes of the neocon Congress and the deep state which is currently including Russian sanctions, Chinese tariffs, talk of destroying North Korea, and Navy vessels invading the space of Chinese islands in the China Sea.

Although the Revelation does not define tribulation in the manner of Scofield, dispensational, pre-trib rapture adherents, there will be tribulation prior to the return of Christ which was also spoken of by Jesus.

Matthew 24:29 YLT  `And immediately after the tribulation of those days, ……..

It is my understanding and belief, as well as the belief of many other individuals, that we are currently in those days just prior to the beginning of the Kingdom of God.  The currency revamping and economic actions realized by mainly Russia and China, with many other countries joining the group, will soon reorganize the currency and economic structure around the planet.  This will place the USA at a disadvantage and bring the country more in line with the rest of the world.  There will most likely be financial tribulation within the USA, and perhaps in other parts of the world, when the petrol dollar collapses until the Jubilee that will be proclaimed at the advent of the Kingdom of God.

We are currently witnessing flooding in places where there has only occasionally been a flood.  Other places are incurring severe droughts and other areas early snowfalls.  Even though US government officials deny it, there appears to be earthquakes and volcanic eruptions increasing in number and magnitude.

Matthew 24:7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places;

There are currently various wars.  Most fomented by the Zionists stooges in the USG for the so-called “greater Israel” project.  It has been widely reported by Veteran’s Today claiming the US military is supporting Daesh/Isil terrorists in Syria and Iraq.  There is no reason for the US military to be in Syria, Iraq, or Afghanistan other than fighting for the “greater Israel” project.  God may be allowing this action in order to place someone in a position to destroy Jerusalem and Israel, perhaps with an atomic bomb.

Various pestilences or plagues are occurring:  bubonic plague in Madagascar and New Mexico; a hepatitis outbreak in San Diego; and many others.

Volcanoes and Earthquakes

The Pacific “Ring of Fire” is living up to its name.

From Zero Hedge

The 450 or so volcanoes that make up the ring outline have been unusually active this year, sparking evacuations on the Indonesian island of Bali and on the tiny island nation of Vanuatu.

Parts of southwestern Japan, meanwhile, have been shaken by a series of earthquakes, unsettling the local population, in an area where the massive Pacific Plate grinds against other plates that form the Earth’s crust, creating a 25,000-mile zone where earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are unusually common.
Three volcanos have either erupted, or are showing signs of an imminent eruption, across the region, according to a roundup published by the Associated Press.

As if the Ring of Fire wasn’t doing enough to inspire febrile visions of an apocalyptic calamity, scientists are warning that supervolcanos in Italy and the US could be headed for eruptions that would register as by far the most destructive in modern human history.

Volcanos, hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes – natural disasters are seemingly happening everywhere at once.  

Horror Of California Wildfires
From Huffington Post:

Wildfires have wrought almost unimaginable destruction this week across Northern California, where more than 8,000 firefighters are currently battling 21 blazes that have so far devastated 191,437 acres, killed at least 23 people and consumed around 3,500 buildings.

More fires around the world

Huge blazes are currently burning in North America, South America, Canada, Russia and across Europe.
Nevada is having it’s worst fire season in 15 years, whilst Montana has already used up it’s fire fighting budget for the year.

Fires are scorching British Columbia north of the border in what locals are calling the worst wildfire season since 1958. Firefighters from across the globe have headed to B.C. to help the effort. The smoke from the fires is billowing over the border to Seattle, where temps are at record breaking highs and the region is unnaturally dry.

Southern Europe, there have been 677 blazes so far, and in particular Italy and Romania are experiencing three times the normal amount of summer wildfires. And in June, 60 people died over the course of one weekend in Portugal as a result of wildfires.  Earlier this year, Ireland, a country more associated with rain, battled with fires due to 75% less rainfall. And even Greenland is currently battling a ‘sizeable wildfire’ according to NASA.

Sexual Abuse, Pedophilia, and Sodomy

For a while one could read of a pedophile network being caught and shut down.  Recently the case of various Hollywood actresses accusing Harvey Weinstein of rape and sexual abuse has been in the news.  Corey Feldman has accused Hollywood bigwigs of pedophilia and sodomy some time ago and very few took him seriously.

The article below of Rose McGowan accusing Harvey Weinstein of rape is most likely true but there are some interesting side effects.  McGowan is or has been known as a movie sex symbol.  Her 1998 MTV VMAs dress consisted of a thong bikini covered by a fishnet type dress where her entire body was visible except for her vagina.  It appears that if one does not want to be treated like a whore then one should not dress and act as a whore.

Other perverts have been named such as Ben Affleck, the future Batman, is now known as the Buttman.  Other Hwood moguls have been mentioned and I am certain even more will be pointed out in the near future.

Rose McGowan against the Khazarian pedophile, orgiastic gangsters in Hollywood
By Jonas E. Alexis on Veterans Today

Film and cultural historian Robert Sklar writes that before 1910, “The movies were as completely in the hands of respectable, established Anglo-Saxon Protestant Americans as they were ever to be.”[3] Although there were many Jews in Hollywood before that period, they did not have much influence in the film industry.
All of that changed, though, starting in the 1920s and ‘30s and continuing through the 1970s. Movies during that era “called into question sexual propriety, social decorum and the institutions of law and order.”

Once the Legend of Decency was out of the equation, Hollywood began to unleash pornographic films such as Deep Throat (1972). And since pornography is an essentially Jewish business, it was no coincidence that Jewish revolutionaries attacked every single moral law in America in order to produce filth as “art.”

In short, Hollywood has been operating under the principle that morality is a relic of the past. Hollywood actors and actresses have never challenged that principle. In fact, the very same people who are currently condemning Harvey Weinstein were producing movies which put them on Weinstein’s ideological platform.

Russian MP Seeks Ban on Porn Sites

Russian MP Vitaly Milonov, best known as the main sponsor of the ban on promoting “non-traditional” sex to minors, has asked the Communications Ministry to develop a new age verification system for internet users and ban pornography sites that refuse to use it.

The lawmaker also proposed blocking access to all free pornography sites in Russia before an effective mechanism of age verification is developed and implemented.

Milonov warned that current laws fail to prevent underage internet users from visiting websites with erotic or pornographic content, and that such content can cause psychological damage to children. 

Various Flood News (any many more than indicated here)

Worst floods in years hit Vietnam

The death toll caused by the latest round of severe flooding across central and northern Vietnam has risen to 54 and the number of missing to 39, country’s disaster agency said Friday, October 13. This is the fourth wave of severe flooding to hit Vietnam in several months and the end of the misery is still not over as another storm is on the way and expected to hit Vietnam’s central regions late October 16 or
early on the 17th (UTC).

Heavy rain in northern England caused flooding in parts of the county of Cumbria.
The Environment Agency said that some areas recorded 211 mm of rain in 24 hours. The Environment Agency issued 18 flood alerts and eight flood warnings.

Severe weather including strong winds, hail and heavy rain, have left at least 8 people dead and caused severe damage in KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa over the last 2 days.

Central America:  As of 09 October the number of casualties blamed on Tropical Storm Nate rose to at least 28 and with 14 people reportedly missing. Fatalities were reported in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Panama.

China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA) reported earlier this week that 6 provinces of the country have been affected by storms and severe weather since 01 October.

Flooding, landslides and rain damage has been reported in the provinces of Anhui, Henan, Hubei, Chongqing, Sichuan and Shaanxi. As of 09 October, 15 people had died in Chongqing, 4 in Hubei and 4 in Shaanxi.

More than 5,200 homes have been destroyed and around 35,000 people have been displaced. A further 24,000 have been damaged.

News About Russia
The following article is not about an earthquake.  It concerns the various ways that Russia, one of the modern “kings of the east” is demolishing the petrol dollar among other Mystery, Babylon issues.

Tectonic Global Shifts From Russia This Friday the 13th

By Paul Goncharoff appearing on Russia Insider

Much has happened here in Russia in these first 13 days of October. King Salman of Saudi Arabia made his first official visit to the Kremlin. A number of take-a-way’s happened because of the visit, one of the more apparent is the understanding that Russia has begun to displace the United States as the go-to power broker politically and militarily in the Middle Eastern neighborhood, or as some call it the Arc of Evil.

Ever since the Nixon era birth of the Petrodollar and the US-Saudi umbrella defense quid-pro-quo the Saudi’s were and are a major and consistent client for US weapons systems.  As relationships begin to slowly change it is not coincidental this meeting was also to purchase a specific Russian weapons system more advanced than the United States equivalent, and that can defend against its missiles. This may be a logical response to the amount of US-made missiles available to various Middle East countries that may pose a threat. The new relationship between the Saudi’s and Russia is also viewed as positive by Israel, who as the saying goes - is Russia’s "sub-rosa ally" in the Middle East.

While Russia is interested in this new relationship with Saudi Arabia, it has no wish or reason to disregard Iran, a long term commercial partner. The interests shared between Russia and Iran are firm in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Russia will not risk her standing in these regions by any overwhelming desire to cuddle with Saudi Arabia. In many ways the role of bridge between Sunni and Shiite states stretching from the Central Asian region through to the Greater Middle East is one where the interests of many local players today hinge on Russia more than ever.

Taking this a large step further, and it involves the dollar, Saudi Arabia’s biggest trading partner is now China. The Chinese have been absorbing US treasuries, and with them, US inflationary/disinflationary volatility for years. All the world’s emerging markets have been on a rollicking ride with the US dollar. Eventually, probably rather soon, players like China and the Saudis will grow tired of this ride. The Russians are already there, and steps have already been taken to eventually de-dollarize trade with China as well as Saudi Arabia (where the 1974 petrodollar was born), and with it the One Belt One Road group of countries stretching from India throughout Eurasia and the Middle East.

With current stresses in relationships within NATO, like Turkey, the US could find itself at an inflection point with regard to several traditional allies, which in turn may well nudge trade contracting away from the dollar in consequence. When we think of NATO, it largely mirrors member states of the EU, and that entity is not having a stress free time of late. There are the frictions of Spain vs. Catalonia and Basque, Italy where strains exist between Padania and Mezzogiorno, France with Corsica, and of course, Greece keeps simmering away. The UK Brexit event is also in ongoing process and has its support and opposition forces sniping and bickering in Brussels. Then there are the US led economic sanctions against Russia, which have led to a world of economic pain in the EU, while not affecting the US or its dollar trade in the least, nor have sanctions worked to bring Russia to “heel”, or Ukraine to “democracy”. They have instead succeeded in enabling further more detailed questioning of the hegemony of the US dollar especially as it is so closely tied to US mandated unipolar political and economic behavior not necessarily in the interests of independent sovereign nations or their indigenous peoples.

Traditional US diplomatic and military ties have encouraged America’s allies to hold dollars. States with their own nuclear arsenals tend to hold fewer dollars than countries that depend on the US for their security. Being in a military alliance with a reserve-currency-issuing country has been said enhances the foreign exchange reserves held in that currency (US Dollar) by roughly 30 percentage points. The converse than indicates that the share of reserves held in dollars would fall appreciably should such ties erode. The current political, military and diplomatic overtures from Washington have not been well received in several parts of the planet. From North Korea, to Venezuela, and from China, and Russia and even NATO ally Turkey. There seems to be an unthinking autopilot switched on as the US diplomatic front not only aims its traditionally historic vitriol at Russia and China, but at America’s allies as well, even neighboring NAFTA participants, not to mention Central or Latin America.

The world is looking for alternatives to the dollar for several reasons; one of them is to get out from under the influence of the US and its brand of globalized vision. Today we can see the trend starting from the large oil producing nations to countries who make significant exports; they are slowing, even stopping their accumulation of US debt securities. For instance when China and Russia find alternatives for their bilateral trading activity, they will require far fewer dollars. The same applies to European countries, which have adopted the euro since 1999. The elephant in the room is US debt and its historical reliance and ability to QE (print money) as resolution to infinity, or until others refuse to play that game any longer. That and mandating behavior to align with US preferences and unipolar interests.

Some nations have attempted in the past to escape the dollar hegemony, but failed largely due to prompt US action. One example was Iraq's former dictator Saddam Hussein who wanted to sell Iraqi oil for euros; another was Libya's Muammar al-Gaddafi who planned to issue a pan-African gold currency. Both attempts would have resulted in tiny bites at the dollars dominance. Today the man drivers of de-dollarization are Moscow and Beijing. Both the Russians and the Chinese have openly supported the key role of gold in this transition from the dollar. The process of moving away from the dollar, originally initiated in Europe and today taken up by China and Russia can no longer be stopped. Despite the fact that it is Friday the 13th, I doubt the demise of the almighty dollar will happen today, but the trend is set, and in time, multi-polar currencies will occupy key seats at the world economic table. Probably with gold as a “supra-national” reserve asset. We will see how this unwinds down the road, but one thing is certain – we are living in an era of tectonic geopolitical and economic shifts that are tailor made for any Friday the 13th.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The USA and Saudi Rift

The rift between the US and Saudi Arabia

Written by Dr. Stephen Jones:  Oct 11, 2017

A new alliance is forming between Russia and Saudi Arabia, as King Salman was the first Saudi king ever to visit Russia.
He brought with him dozens of corporate CEO’s and hundreds of staffers. Business deals were signs, and no doubt even military alliances were discussed, if not signed secretly.

A day later, the US government shifted its position and cancelled some of the military exercises with the Saudis. The US also insisted on greater “inclusiveness,” referring to Qatar, which the Saudis have been boycotting since last June. Their borders have been sealed in the attempt to isolate Qatar. Of course, the US has a large military base in Qatar.

ZeroHedge has recently run a headline:

One Day After Historic Saudi-Russian Summit, US Suspends Military Exercises With “Arab Allies”

The timing of the suspension may not be a coincidence: it comes just one day after Saudi King Salman met with Vladimir Putin. Saudi Arabia and Russia signed deals worth billions concerning energy and military deals and MOUs.

If the US government continues to pressure the Saudi king and threaten to break its military alliance, it will only further drive Saudi Arabia into the arms of Russia. In fact, I would not be surprised if the Saudis sign deals to purchase Russian planes and military equipment shortly.

The strong-arm tactics of US foreign policy, including sanctions, is no longer effective, now that other nations can simply switch their ties from the US to Russia and China. The US is left holding the bag, as they say. US power brokers still think they can treat other nations in the same way they did in the past century. They need to understand that the era of American Empire is ending, and if they threaten to sanction other nations or punish them by canceling their military alliance with the US, these nations will simply realign themselves with Russia and China.

In other words, the US government’s threats are now becoming meaningless, unless they intend to nuke everyone who disagrees with them.

The End of the Petro-Dollar
In 1974 the Saudis agreed to sell their oil only in US dollars, creating the petro-dollar. Any country wanting to buy oil had to buy US dollars first in order to pay for imported oil. This made the dollar “king of the world” even after Nixon stopped allowing dollars to be converted to gold, which the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944 had established. The Saudi agreement in essence created an oil standard to replace the gold standard.

This is now coming to an end, as other countries begin paying for oil in their own currencies. The most significant is the sale of Russian oil and gas to China, paid for in Chinese yuan. Russia can then use the yuan to buy gold on the Shanghai Gold Exchange, if they choose. Years ago, when Iraq threatened to buy oil in euros, the US invaded Iraq. The same thing happened more recently in Libya. The US takes such actions very seriously and is willing to overthrow any nation that does this. But they were unable to overthrow Russia and China.

A Prophetic Shift
How important is this new Saudi shift from the standpoint of prophecy?

Since the establishment of the petro-dollar, the Saudis have been allied directly with the US, and indirectly with Israel. The shift toward Russia means that the Saudis are no longer required to have an indirect alliance with Israel (friends at a distance).

In the mid-1980’s the Chinese technicians built a nuclear missile base for the Saudis at the base of the original Mount Sinai. This was reported in Howard Blum’s book, The Gold of Exodus. The original Mount Sinai is not in the Sinai peninsula (which is part of Egypt), but is across the Gulf of Aqaba along the coast of Saudi Arabia. Howard Blum reports all of this in his book, and pictures can easily be found online by using any search engine.

The Apostle Paul himself tells us in Galatians 4:25 that Mount Sinai is “in Arabia.”

The point is that God intends to judge Jerusalem and to “cast out the bondwoman and her son” (i.e., Jerusalem and its “sons”), as Paul noted in Galatians 4:30. Jerusalem is Hagar, the bondwoman, in the biblical allegory, being contrasted with the heavenly Jerusalem, which is Sarah. Jeremiah 19:10, 11 says that the earthly Jerusalem will be destroyed so completely that it will never again be repaired or rebuilt. Jerusalem has fallen many times in the past, but it was always rebuilt. But its final destruction is yet to come.

The question is HOW? And BY WHOSE HAND? I have pondered this question for decades. At first I thought it might be done by Iran (Persia), since they were the ones who originally took the city of Babylon. But when I began to think in legal terms, I settled on Saudi Arabia.

When the Jewish leaders rejected Jesus, the Mediator of the New Covenant, they decided to remain under the Old Covenant, given by Moses. They put their faith in Moses (so they thought), even though Jesus told them in John 5:45-47,

45 Do not think that I will accuse you before the Father; the one who accuses you is Moses, in whom you have set your hope. 46 For if you believed Moses, you would believe Me; for he wrote of Me. 47 But if you do not believe his writings, how will you believe My words?

The Jewish leaders, both then and now, fail to grasp the legal implications of rejecting Jesus in favor of Moses. In remaining under the Old Covenant, which obligates them to be obedient as a precondition to be God’s people (Exodus 19:5, 6), they put Jerusalem under the jurisdiction of Mount Sinai in Arabia. But Mount Sinai is part of the inheritance of Ishmael, who was given Arabia. Therefore, Jerusalem is called Hagar, and the adherents of Judaism are spiritual Ishmaelites.

It is not a racial or genealogical matter. It is a matter of legal jurisdiction. Because of the decision of the Jewish leaders to put Jerusalem under the jurisdiction of Hagar and Ishmael, God later destroyed the city (temporarily) and kicked the Jews out. Centuries later, He gave that land to Ishmaelites, not necessarily genealogical Ishmaelites, but religious Ishmaelites (of Islam).

It was only later that the land, including Jerusalem, was given to the Jews, not because they were of Judah, but because Edom also had a temporary claim to the land. I wrote about this in my book, The Struggle for the Birthright. Edom had been conquered and absorbed into Judaism in 126 B.C., so all the prophecies regarding Edom must be fulfilled in Jewry today. God had given Esau-Edom a promise in Genesis 27:40 KJV to do him justice on account of Jacob’s sin in lying to obtain the blessing. Jacob would have to give up the land to Esau-Edom for a time in order to allow Edom time to prove their unworthiness to hold the birthright and blessing.

This is what happened in 1948 and in 1967. Jacob (Britain) gave the land back to Edom (Jews) in 1948, and later Edom took control of Jerusalem in 1967. Few understand this history, and even fewer understand the laws on which prophecy is based. Most prophecy teaching today is based on huge misunderstandings and false assumptions.

We are now almost 70 years since the Palestinian Resolution was passed in the United Nations on November 29, 1947. As we approach the 70th anniversary, we are also seeing the transfer of authority to the saints of the Most High. The authority of the Dominion Mandate is not going to the Jews, nor even to the church, but to the overcomers who qualify to reign with Christ. This transfer of authority cannot be complete without first casting out the bondwoman and her son(s).

Neither can it be complete until Esau-Edom is disinherited as a rebellious son, according to the law in Deuteronomy 21:18-21. So all of these prophetic laws are coming to a head today.

I see the possibility that the Saudis will be the ones called to destroy Jerusalem. Isaiah 29:5, 6 seems to describe a nuclear blast upon Jerusalem, making the land uninhabitable for anyone. The Saudis have had nuclear weapons since the 1980’s, although the US government has never made an issue of it, since they were its allies and friends. But that may now change.

It was customary in biblical times for disputing parties to take their dispute to an established judge, or (if there was no official judge) to choose a judge in whom they both had confidence. There is a present dispute over the birthright. Many groups claim the right to be chosen to rule the world. Most base their claim on fleshly things or upon genealogy. In my view, the only rightful claim is based upon faith in Jesus Christ and obedience to His word (law). The overcomers are the only ones who are chosen, or “elect,” Paul tells us in Romans 11:5-7.

The dispute has been presented to the Judge, and the Judge will determine who is truly chosen. What I believe is irrelevant. What the Judge does, however, will affect world history and establish Kingdom government for the next thousand years.

The Jews have appealed to Moses, in whom they have confidence. They have appealed to Moses on the basis of the Old Covenant that Moses instituted. The Old Covenant is Jerusalem and Hagar and Mount Sinai all rolled into one, Paul says. In appealing to Mount Sinai in Arabia, where “Moses” sits in judgment, as Jesus said. I believe that the judgment of Moses will come from Saudi Arabia and from the nuclear missile base located at the base of the mount.

I might be wrong in my understanding, of course, but the recent shift in alliances seems to support this view. For years, I was unsure, because Saudi Arabia was such a close ally of the US and (indirectly) of Israel. But now that this alliance is cracking, my view is looking more and more plausible. And the fact that this shift in alliances is coming at the same time that we are seeing the transfer of authority seems to support the view as well.