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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Israel is Edom - Deception

The Church and the World Have Been Deceived

For those of you with short attention spans and others with poor “reading with comprehension” skills I will just come out and say it – All Jews are Edomites.  Not all Jews are necessarily Edomites, but all Edomites or partial Edomites call themselves Jews.  If you need proof or don’t believe me, then continue reading.


The concept of Israeli Jews being Khazars is said to be a true statement.  The historical issue claiming the Khazarians converted to Judaism is also true, but the majority immigrated to Russia and the East European nations.  Recall that Arthur Koestler, the author of the book, The Thirteenth Tribe, was/is a Jew.  Some Jewish historians, scientists, and professors claim that Jews are of a Khazarian background, and some possibly are, particularly the older ones from Russia and East Europe.  It has been said that Ashkenazi Jews are mostly of Khazar origin.

In the Birthright series it was written that Edom was integrated into the Judean Jewish culture during the Hasmonean uprising prior to the birth of Christ.  If you failed to read this series you will be somewhat at a disadvantage although some pertinent information will be covered.  You may read the complete series at this link:  http://freedomfromdelusion.blogspot.com/p/the-birthright.html  The Edomites have always wanted the land of Canaan and through money and political shenanigans they finally achieved their goal in 1948.  Yes, the nation of Israel has been through many wars and each time they gained more territory.  It may be the surrounding Arabs and Muslims know the real truth much better than the so-called Church countries.  The Jews are against everyone, particularly Christians and the 10 tribes of the real Israel.  They are not interested in healing the breach or befriending real Jews but their goal is to either destroy or enslave everyone except for China who will be their industrial sector. 

Several ethnic groups have been falsely identified as Edomites, such as Turkey, China, the Palestinians, and some other Arab groups.  Historians and Academics have apparently read the truth but either dismiss it or ignore it.

Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of soup and was swindled out of his scepter (kingship) blessing by his fraternal twin Jacob by posing as Esau.  When Esau discovered that his kingship blessing had been tricked from Isaac by Jacob he cried in regret and asked Isaac for a blessing as well.  Through the power and mind of God, Isaac gave Esau a prophetic blessing that Israel and Judah endured until their destruction and captivity from Assyria and Babylon and that we (the world – particularly the 10 tribes of Israel) are enduring today.  The Edomites attempted to move in to Canaan but the northern area was inhabited by foreigners brought in by Assyria called the Samaritans in Jesus’ day and southern Judah was occupied by Babylonian troops.

Here is the prophetic blessing that Isaac gave Esau:  Genesis 27:39-40 NET  So his father Isaac said to him, "Indeed, your home will be away from the richness of the earth, and away from the dew of the sky above.  (40)  You will live by your sword but you will serve your brother. When you grow restless, you will tear off his yoke from your neck." 

The final phrase, “you will tear off his yoke from your neck” is essentially the same rendering in all my translations.  That prophecy is being fulfilled today.

To be fair (or I should say – to be Biblically legal), Jacob swindled Esau out of the birthright blessing and tricked him and Isaac out of the dominion blessing.  In the mind of God and the laws of God these sins must be punished and recompense must be made to the victim.  But someone will say, ‘Well wait a minute, we didn’t bamboozle Esau out of anything.  Why should we be punished with banking, pornography, corrupt governments, and wars and a one-world-government’?  We didn’t eat from the forbidden tree and we are born to age and die just like Adam and Eve as well.

The unlawful acts of Jacob would require punishment by the laws and standards of God.  Although God informed Rebekah the older son (Esau) would serve the younger son (Jacob) she took matters into her own hands and incited Jacob to perform the acts of deceit and trickery.

Genesis 25:23 NET  and the LORD said to her, "Two nations are in your womb, and two peoples will be separated from within you. One people will be stronger than the other, and the older will serve the younger."

When the fraud was discovered by Isaac, he knew that eventually God would take away the promises obtained by Jacob and give them to Esau.  We will discover the blessing shift did not fully take place until 1948 when the Edomite Judeans gained control of a portion of Canaan by political manipulations.  The majority of the so-called Jews and leadership of the current nation of Israel are not Judahites but are full or partial mixtures of Edomites.  As the Pharisees stated, they are of the seed of Abraham but are not fully, if at all, the seed of Jacob and Judah.  The blessing will be reversed again at the second coming of Jesus Christ.

From - http://www.israel-a-history-of.com/the-edomites.html  Most or maybe even all of the Jews who denied Christ were Edomite imposters and most of those who accepted Him were true Judean Jews of the line of the tribe of Judah. Those who did believe Him became known as Christians and not Jews any longer and these Edomite Jews who were particularly strong and numerous in the synagogues became the Talmudic Rabbi Jews of the Middle Ages and the Jews who also converted a half Mongoloid people (the Khazars) to Judaism - a distorted form of the belief in the God of Abraham (Jehovah or Yahweh) mixed with all sorts of anti-Christ hatred and ridiculous Dark ages customs and beliefs.
Along with the Babylonian Kabbalah being taught by their Rabbi's they form a formidable anti-Christian group today and secretly control the Christian seminaries (the "False profit" of prophesy) promoting the pro-Israeli state to the tune of millions of US dollars in voluntary and in-voluntary (tax) donations towards their cause.

The blessing of Isaac to Esau contains the phrase “become restless” in some translations which is the Hebrew word “rood”.  The KJV actually has the correct translation of “dominion”.

Genesis 27:40 KJV  And by thy sword shalt thou live, and shalt serve thy brother; and it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion (rood), that thou shalt break his yoke from off thy neck.

The Edomites attempted to regain the dominion throughout history and almost succeeded in the first century.  This may be a primary reason the Idumean leadership did not want a Judahite Messiah who would inherit the dominion blessing and leave the Edomites without a hope of ever gaining it.  Instead they incited the crowd and the Romans to crucify Jesus.  Their current plans were completely disrupted when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and killed many Idumeans with the remainder leaving the area towards Europe and Egypt.  They would now be forced to instigate their Edomite treachery on the inhabitants of Europe and the USA with the hidden concept of regaining the land by any means that became available.

The blessing prophecy predicts a time would come when Esau would receive the dominion mandate by force and be free to trample upon whomsoever he pleased. This is consistent with the character of Esau and his descendants.

Edom ceased to be a nation in 126 B.C. when John Hyrcanus of Judah (Maccabees) finished his conquest and forcibly converted the remaining Edomites to Judaism.

Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews, XIII, ix, 1:  Hyrcanus took also Dora and Marissa, cities of Idumea, and subdued all the Idumeans; and permitted them to stay in that country, if they would be circumcised, and make use of the laws of the Jews; and they were so desirous of living in the country of their forefathers, that they submitted to the use of circumcision and the rest of the Jews’ ways of living; at which time therefore, this befell them, that they were hereafter no other than Jews.

The Jewish Encyclopedia, 1925 edition:  Judas Maccabeus conquered their territory for a time (B.C. 163; Ant. Xii, 8 par. 1, 2). They were again subdued by John Hyrcanus (c. 125 B.C.) by whom they were forced to observe Jewish rites and laws (ib. 9, par. 1; xiv. 4, par. 4). They were then incorporated with the Jewish nation, and their country was called by the Greeks and Romans ‘Idumea’ (Mark iii. 8; Ptolemy, Geography v. 16). With Antipater began the Idumean dynasty that ruled over Judea till its conquest by the Romans. Immediately before the siege of Jerusalem 20,000 Idumeans, under the leadership of John, Simeon, Phinehas, and Jacob, appeared before Jerusalem to fight in behalf of the zealots who were besieged in the Temple (Josephus, B.J. iv. 4, par. 5).  From this time the Idumeans ceased to be a separate people.

Tom Martincic, Eliyah.com  "Edomites" are the descendants of Esau. Esau was called Edom after he sold his birth-right. He later became known as the progenitor of the Edomites. {SEE OBADIAH}
The Edomites were in Israel when the JEWS were in Israel. King Herod which was not a JEW was an Edomite. They dwelled amongst the JEWS, ate with the JEWS adopted their practices, culture etc. Later when Titus besieged Jerusalem and killed the Israelites and sold the younger ones to the Ethiopians, Arabs, and Egyptians. The Edomites who resided in Israel, later proclaimed themselves to be the house of ISRAEL, and are now recognized as Israel today by the majority of the world.

The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary, p. 333.  The significance of the Edomite population merging with the Jews is often overlooked. But it is not really any secret. Many modern Biblical scholars admit that the historic event did, indeed, occur. For example: “But during the warlike rule of the Maccabees (Hasmonean dynasty of the Jews) they were again completely subdued and even forced to conform to Jewish laws and rites and submit to the government of Jewish perfect. The Edomites were then incorporated into the Jewish nation, and the whole providence was often termed by Greek and Roman writers ‘Idumea’...From this time, the Edomites as a separate people disappear from the pages of history.”

Willie Martin Studies.  http://israelect.com/reference/WillieMartin/Modern_Jews.htm  This proved to be a catastrophic decision for the people of Judah, and a choice which Hyrcanus should have known as forbidden in Old Testament law (Deuteronomy 7:1-5; Leviticus 20:24, Joshua 23:12-13; Ezra 9:1-4; Nehemiah 13:23-30). But not surprisingly, most chose conversion.

The marginal note in Josephus’ works add this commentary, quoting Ammonius, a writer from 129 A.D.; “...the Idumeans were not Jews from the beginning...but being afterward subdued to buy the Jews.” After editorial comment regarding Josephus’ work adds emphasis: “This account of the Idumeans admitting circumcision, and the entire Jewish law, from this time, or the days of Hyrcanus, is confirmed by their entire history afterward.”

World Book Encyclopedia, 1967, Vol. 6, p. 55:  There is Edom [Esau is called Edom in Genesis 36:8]. And Edom is in 'Modern Jewry' Jewish Encyclopedia, 1925 edition, Vol. 5, p. 41. Even the encyclopedia on your shelf may inform you of these events, if one is sharp enough to understand the significance: “The Hasmonean dynasty conquered the Idumeans in the 100's B.C., and converted them to Judaism”.

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