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Friday, November 24, 2017

The Beast Mark & Cashless Currency


Internet news sites have recently issued several articles discussing the use of crypto-currencies and the Russian’s interest in having a complete digital currency.  Concurrently with the digital currency news input are several articles promoting the use of an implant device which some people equate with the so-called “mark of the beast”.

These various news bulletins are upsetting the intestinal functions of many pre-trib rapture-types who still believe there will be a seven year tribulation period (some say there will only be 3 and ½ years).  These pre-trib dispensationalists continue to follow the Scofield/Dallas Theological Seminary concept (made famous by Hal Lindsey) that an “antichrist” world leader will emerge from the old Roman Empire (some say he is Islamic) along with his partner, the earth beast or false prophet.  Together (mostly due to the false prophet) they will mark every willing person with the so-called “666” identifier, popularly referred to as the “mark of the beast”, thus limiting the ability to buy or sell with the people who are marked.

Anyone with a few brain cells should be able to understand that in today’s world, it is totally impossible for any sole leader to militarily conquer the world and set up the headquarters of the world in the current nation of Israel.  The USA, Russia, China, and several other countries would not allow such an act to occur without incurring a vast nuclear WWIII with everything destroyed.  Europe does not currently have much of a military presence with a limited supply of military machinery.  Pakistan and Saudi Arabia supposedly have nuclear weapons but not enough to perform worldwide damage.  It is possible the entire Arab-Islamic world would be destroyed in a matter of minutes.

However, getting back to the belief of the pre-tribbers, it appears that Thomas Horn of SkyWatchTV has injected the idea of a DNA change or a microchip implant as the simplest and the easiest modern version of the installation of the “mark of the beast”.  The so-called “mark” has been written about on several past occasions by me and it is not some future identifier either on the skin or under the skin allowing someone the ability to buy or sell.  It is simply the metaphoric description of paper currency that has no actual value other than the faith of the holder or taker to give it a perspective value.  In other words, it is merely fiat (fake) money with no backing by anything of actual value.

It is my belief that the second appearing of Jesus Christ, the resurrection of the saints of the Most High God, and the beginning of the Millennial Kingdom of God will begin before too much longer.  The breakdown of Mystery, Babylon is already occurring and its demise will herald the beginning of the Kingdom of God on earth, not in some heavenly dimension.  The earth as a paradise for mankind has always been the intention of God, in my opinion.  Other than a twisted understanding of the rich man and Lazarus, one of the teachings of Jesus, there is no direct scriptural evidence that any human being is now or will ever be in the heavenly dimension of God.

For the record, it will be said again that embedded microchips (or anything else) are not the mark of the beast.  As a matter of fact, Revelation 13, 14, and 15 are currently past history, which means - don’t wait around for an upcoming mark, an antichrist beast, a statue that speaks and moves, or the capital of the world in Jerusalem.  The mark, which is fiat money will soon be eliminated either by gold backed crypto currency or a complete digital form of money, also backed by actual value such as gold.  This will be done by the new Kings of the East which are Russia and China.

It is entirely possible that digital currency or a chip imbedded form of currency will be a part of the Kingdom of God during the Millennial reign of Christ.  Some type of alternative currency will be invoked to replace the petrol-dollar, the Euro, and various other fiat currency systems.  If so, many of the old school Hebrew roots, pre-tribbers will be shocked and appalled by those circumstances.  They will also be thoroughly confused when the resurrection of the saints of the Most High occurs and they haven’t been whisked off to heaven.  They may even believe the resurrected saints constitute their awaited “antichrist”.

Some writers have portended a great spiritual revival just prior to the overcomer’s resurrection and the beginning of the Kingdom of God.  A revival may be necessary to prepare some of the population to accept a resurrection of saints and the arrival of the Kingdom.

As an end note let me say that end-times prophecy understanding is a dismal failure.  I am not certain if that is the planned way or not.  The teaching of a 7 year tribulation period is due to a faulty understanding of Daniel’s prophecy of the 70 weeks.  With the incorrect starting date, commentators have come to the wrong opinion concerning the birth date and the crucifixion date of Jesus as well as having a week of seven years left over which has been placed into the future.

The concept of a pre-tribulation rapture was embedded into the margin notes of the Scofield study Bible and most current commentators have accepted this as gospel truth.  No one appears to understand that Scofield divorced his first wife, married a second time, and was financed by Jewish agents to prepare his study Bible.  The primary purpose of his Jewish financiers was to establish the non-Semitic Khazarian Jews as well as mixed breed Edomite Jews as the true Semitic Jews as the chosen of God with the exclusive right to inherit and confiscate Judea and Samaria.

This plan seems to have worked out just fine.  The United States currently have a bevy of teachers, preachers, and commentators who believe the current state of Israel is comprised with people of all the original twelve tribes of Israel when they actually consist of non-Israelites and maybe a few descendants of the tribe of Judah.  The New Testament Gospels speak of a few Israelites living in Judea but their ancestors were probably already living in the area or escaped being captured by the Assyrians.

David Bay of the Cutting Edge website preaches that the Palestinians are the Edomites and that they will soon be destroyed according to the prophecy of Obadiah.  Both the Jewish Encyclopedia and Josephus declare that the Edomites were conquered and assimilated into the Judahite and Benjamin group during the Maccabean period prior to the conquest of Judea by the Roman Empire.  The Edomites live in the nation of Israel and not in the Palestinian territories.  If Mr. Bay lives long enough, he and his ilk will be highly amazed when Jerusalem is destroyed as prophesied, although he seems to have overlooked that prophecy.

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  1. I believe in the post trib rapture but I respectfully think embedded chips or DNA changes could potentially be the Mark of the Beast 666.