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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Babylon De-Mystery-Fied: Part 2


One section of the original post has been expanded with additional material.  Another section is new.  The last section only has material not found in the original post.

The Great City: Revised & Expanded
The Babylon of Nebuchadnezzar and later of Cyrus was both a city and an empire.  The term “city” as used in the Revelation is a metaphoric representation of the original city with the modern version of MB as almost a worldwide empire.  The goal of a world-wide empire exemplified the hopes and plans of the one-worlders in various forms.  In other words, MB is not one particular city but generally covers most of North America, Europe, Northern Africa, and parts of the Middle East.  Russia and China have opted out of the MB plan which helps to somewhat explain the animosity of the Zionist controlled USA towards them.

Revelation 18:10 KJV  Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! ……..

It has been said that both Russia and China have both rid themselves of the Rothschild banking system.  They are now developing their own currency exchange and China is basing their yuan on gold.  Russia and China have both been busy procuring more gold.  Both countries are working on digital currencies and crypto-currencies which takes the currency out of the power of International banks.  As explained in a previous post Beast Mark & Cashless Currency , there is no future mark of the beast that permits individuals to either buy or sell.  It could be said that digital currencies will be the wave of the future and may be expanded and employed during the Kingdom of God or Millennial reign of Jesus Christ.

Although MB is not one great city there are several world cities considered a major part of the workings of the MB system.  These would include, but not limited to:  Washington D.C., Tel Aviv, the city of London banking center, Berlin, and a few others.  Why the supposed descendants of the 10 northern tribes of Israel would attempt to facilitate a one world government is unknown.  However, since the majority of these cities, particularly Washington D.C. are actually controlled by Khazarian Jews then the answer to the above question might be possible.  Remember that all newly elected Congressmen must pledge allegiance to Israel and kiss the wailing wall.  The former Congress Woman, Cynthia McKinney refused to do so and her reelection was sabotaged.  The Israel-butt-kissing Congress-people are probably promised a part of the new world order along with plenty of money during the interim.  However, they too would be deleted (eliminated) if the new world order plan was actually implemented, which it will definitely will not be.

There will be a new world order but it will be under the reign of Jesus Christ and the saints of the Most High God.

The Fall of the One World Government: New Section
The proposed and talked about New World Order / One World Government is a large part of the modern Mystery, Babylon although they are not entirely synonymous.

The latest monetary and currency actions of the new Kings of the East i.e. Russia and China, along with the election of Donald Trump as president of the USA has initiated the fall of the one-worlders and their dream of the MB regime.  Obama set up the infrastructure and immigration to diminish the USA into a homogenized mixed race third world country and Hillary Clinton was supposed to finish the work that began with Bill Clinton, edged forward by Bush, and setup by Obama.

Donald Trump’s election as president has completely upset the one-worlder’s plans in the USA.  Now you know why Congress members and corporation bosses despise him so much.  It seems that all their efforts to demonize him always blows up in their face.  Now many of the Democrat and Rhino congressmen are being accused of sexual harassment and alright assault as well as many in the MSM who have been badgering him for months.  Say what you want but Trump has been appointed and anointed by God for a specific purpose and he is fulfilling that role.

Are the main stream media people and the Hollywood crowd members of the new world order cadre?  Most likely not – they probably represent the hard left communists that get migraines when “Make America Great Again” is ever mentioned.  As for the MSM, one must keep in mind that all the big televised news outlets are owned by Jews, even Fox News (also Facebook, Google, uTube, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, and Amazon).  According to the Veteran’s Today website the owner(s) of Google are sponsoring a militant group called “Jigsaw” which is supposedly responsible for supplying arms to Kurdish soldiers after Mr. Trump told Putin it would come to a stop.

I have read that a major part of the New World Order or sometimes called One World Government included the Chinese to be the industrial and manufacturing section of the new world and everyone else to be a mixed race group of brown skin menial workers for the few who were allowed to live.

The vast population of the world reduction is not just the small talk of several elites but was a priority agenda of the new world order.  Through trade agreements, the majority of the USA’s industrial base was shipped overseas where labor costs were low then ship the produce back to the USA at a huge profit.  At some point there will be no one in the USA, Canada, etc. able to buy anything other than hopefully their next meal.  At that point, it is supposed they planned to shut down the overseas production and then allow more people to starve.  Thus it is no surprise that large numbers of retailers are closing their doors at the present.

China has refused to be a part of this one world government/order thus throwing a wrench into the cogs of the plan.  Russia has survived the Jewish Bolshevik revolution of communism/socialism and is now considered the most Christian nation on the planet.  Their (Russia) economy has grown considerably since the breakup of the Soviet Union regardless of the sanctions thrown against them.

The integration of black and Arab refugees in parts of Europe was for the same purpose as allowing millions of Hispanics to enter the USA i.e. create a dumbed down worker class of mixed breeds.  Soros, Merkel, and a few others are supported this European influx of immigrants but if the new world order were actually on track (which it isn’t) these supporters would be quickly eliminated when their job was complete.  However, God had a different plan and now Trump is in the White House.  It remains to be seen what changes will be made in Europe, although there is talk that Hitler’s daughter, Angela Merkel, will be forced to resign.

Unnatural Lusts: Additional Material
Senator John Conyers has been routed by several sexual assaults and harassment allegations.  He has stepped down from his Senate committee and declared he will not run for office anymore.  However, he has not resigned but recently he was committed to a hospital supposedly for stress related causes.

Congressman Al Franken will not admit to the allegations alleged against him and also refuses to resign (or will not).

In Alabama, Judge Roy Moore has been accused of 40 year old allegations which he completely denies.  Various points of the main accuser’s testimony have been shown to be lies.  His so-called yearbook signature has been said to be a forgery and the accuser’s lawyer refuses to release the yearbook for a professional analysis.  A few sitting Senators have stated that Mr. Moore will have Congressional problems if elected.  Since no Congress person has asked Al Franken to resign why should they ask Roy Moore to be so.  There will most likely be additional Congress people accused of sexual assault in the near future.

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