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Sunday, November 12, 2017

News for November


The Petrol Dollar
Ever wonder why the dollar is used world-wide as almost an international currency?  Although the Rothschild banking system actually started in England, it appears the current international banking system aka the Rothschild’s initially started with the (un) Federal Reserve System in the United States, followed by similar money printing institutions in parts of Europe.

In the early 70’s Nixon took the USA off the gold standard and silver certificates were replaced with Federal Reserve notes.  Thus, the dollar system became fiat money.  Soon after the gold dumping event, Nixon’s administration make a deal, some say an agreement, with the understanding that the USA would buy the bulk of their oil from Saudi Arabia only in dollars (petrodollars) and the Saudi Kingdom would recycle their surplus dollars back into the USA treasury.  In exchange, the Kingdom would receive military protection from the USA.

The key oil-for-money-and-protection deal struck between the Nixon administration and King Faisal back in the early 1970’s.

This pivotal agreement allowed KSA to secretly recycle its surplus petrodollars back into US Treasuries while receiving US military protection in exchange.  The secret was kept for 41 years, only recently revealed in 2016 due to a Bloomberg FOIA request:

The essence of this deal is pretty simple. KSA wanted to be able to sell its oil to its then largest buyer, the USA, while also having a safe place to park the funds, plus receive military protection to boot. But it didn’t want anybody else, especially its Arab neighbors, to know that it was partnering so intimately with the US who, in turn, would be supporting Israel.  That would have been politically incendiary in the Middle East region, coming as it did right on the heels of the Yom Kipper War (1973).

As for the US, it got the oil it wanted and – double bonus time here – got KSA to recycle the very same dollars used to buy that oil back into Treasuries and contracts for US military equipment and training.

Note that this is yet another secret world-shaping deal successfully kept out of the media for over four decades.

Since that key deal was struck back in the early 1970s, the KSA has remained a steadfast supporter of the US and vice versa. In return, the US has never said anything substantive about KSA’s alleged involvement in 9/11 or its grotesque human and women’s rights violations. Not a peep.  

It has currently been reported that Saudi Arabia is contemplating doing business with China using the Yuan as currency and dumping the petrol-dollar agreement with the USA.  Russia and China, as previously reported, are quickly attempting to completely bypass the USA dollar and nullify the sanctions placed on them by Congress.  It appears the sanctions are having a zero effect and Russia’s economy is continuing to enlarge.  The new “kings of the east,” Russia and China,  are quickly eliminating the control of the dollar (petrol-dollar) which plays a big factor in the current Mystery, Babylon system.

It is currently unclear if the Brexit referendum will ever completely be implemented in the near future.  Also, other areas, such as Catalonia, are vying for nationalistic independence.  The new world order (one world government) is quickly dying on the vine and the so-called supporting elitists (some refer to them as the Illuminati) are growing desperate and are attempting any action that can be implemented to reverse the ongoing nationalistic course.  There will soon be a basic one-world order but it will be implemented by Jesus Christ and governed by the saints of the most-high God, who are known as the overcomers or the elect of God.  These individuals, both past and present, will experience the first mass resurrection and restore order on the planet.

Mark Taylor
I have recently read Mark Taylor’s The Trump Prophecies.  It is my belief that the Spirit of God spoke to Mr. Taylor and the majority of his prophetic writings agree with the teachings of Dr. Jones and his group as well as the scriptures.  The only part that is in disagreement appears with Mr. Taylor’s commentary concerning Israel as mentioned in the prophecy.  The prophecy (i.e. the words of God) speaks of Israel which scripturally would be the ten northern tribes conquered by Assyria, deported to the area between the Black and Caspian Seas; and then migrated to various parts of Northern and Western Europe.  In Mr. Taylor’s commentary on the prophecy, he understands (or misunderstands) “Israel” to be the modern nation of Israel which currently is inhabited with Ashkenazi Khazarians, mixed-breed Edomites, and possibly a few actual Judahites.  However, this is most likely a misunderstanding on the part of Mr. Taylor as to the definition of Israel which would not be an issue if he would avoid commenting concerning the prophecy.  I am not disputing, the prophetic words of God, because God knows exactly who and where the true Israel (the northern 10 tribes) are located and their names.  Why this was not explained to Mr. Taylor by the Spirit is unknown, but perhaps God desires to keep this knowledge a secret (a mystery) to the majority of people for a while longer.

The prophecy speaks of corrupt politicians, human sex slave handlers, various sex crime offenders, and others being prosecuted in massive numbers which will involve large tribunals.  It also contends that America and other parts of the globe will not be destroyed but only the guilty individuals will be arraigned.

Most of the non-prophetic proclamations that America will be destroyed by various means such as a massive earthquake, nuclear weapons, or a foreign invasion are generally derived by faulty and inaccurate understandings of the prophetic scriptures.  As an example – those false prophets who believe and teach that only the USA is Mystery, Babylon.

Russian Collusion
Although most of the MSM and Democrats continue to insist that Russia is responsible for the failed election of H. Clinton and other ills, they refuse to acknowledge the total lack of any evidence.  It now appears that Russian collusion was always by the hands of Hillary, the Clinton crew, and several Democrats particularly notable with the so-called Trump bed-wetter’s dossier and the Fusion GPS group.  Pressure is also being placed on the Podesta brothers and the so-called Pizza-gate issue is also being investigated.

The halturnerradioshow.com indicated, as of Saturday 11/11/2017 there are almost 400 sealed indictments waiting in various Federal courts around the country.  It was not stated if these indictments were from Mueller’s office or elsewhere.

Update 11/13/2017 .. 842 sealed indictments in 24 districts from 10/30 through 11/10

Sex Offenders
The state of New York claims to be prepared to arrest and indict Harvey Weinstein, if he ever shows up (some are now calling him Swine-stein).  There appears to be a daily identification of a Hollywood sexual predator.  If Weinstein is indicted as well as at least one of Corey Feldman’s assailants, then the Hollywood identifiers should snowball even more than now.

Judge Roy Moore, who is in the running for an Alabama Senate seat has been accused of having sexual relations with an underage girl named Leigh Corfman.  It is claimed that Corfman has been working with the DNC and H. Clinton’s campaign as a sign-language interpreter.  Another woman (no name given) claimed she was offered a large sum of money to make an accusation against Moore.  There are currently four women accusing Moore of sexual misconduct.  The Moore episode seems to be a Democrat assault by lying and paying various people to lie.  It could also be possible that Moore is guilty and thus disqualified for election.  However, God is in total control and He appears to be busy sorting out the corruption in the USA and it is my belief that justice will ultimately be accomplished.  This may be a ruse to bring additional swamp creatures to surface.

Recently George Takei was accused of sexual assault and Rebel Wilson accused someone of sexual harassment, but did not provide a name.

Gordon Duff and Donald Trump
Meanwhile, Gordon Duff, of Veteran’s Today, claims that Trump is being blackmailed by Russia.  He claims the so-called Russia-Trump dossier is absolutely true i.e. Trump was actually filmed while engaging in disgusting sex acts.  Duff also claims that Trump had dealings with Jeffrey Epstein who “hooked him up” with an underage girl who he repeatedly raped and threatened to kill her family if she talked.  He also claims that Trump bragged of murdering a 12-year old girl named Maria.  Duff claims this information is verified by court documents filed in New York on April 26, 2017.

My Personal Take  If Duff’s rants and accusations are actually true, why has no one, other than him, mentioned or discussed it. 

The primary question is:  exactly what actions is Russia blackmailing Trump to perform?  Delivery more sanctions toward Russia.  No.  Leave military troops in Syria to kill civilians and bomb cities.  No.  Enlarge troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  No.  Insist that Iran has nuclear weapons.  No.  Mr. Duff should have speculated Trumps blackmailed actions, but he did not do so.

This sordid information appears to be the perfect ammunition needed by the rabid, anti-Trump, impeach at all costs, corrupt Democrats and Rinos.  Maybe he needs to send a copy to Maxine Watters or Chuck Schumer.  This would also make Mark Taylor a false prophet and a total buffoon.

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