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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Mark Taylor Prophetically Speaks


Taylor has previously predicted that Donald Trump would win the White House long before the first GOP primary. Taylor made many other predictions that involved martial law and the prosecution of corrupt government officials.  According to USA Watchdog, it has come to light that many top Obama officials were involved in framing Donald Trump in an attempt to remove him from office while exonerating Hillary Clinton for actual crimes.

“Well, first off, Donald Trump’s not going anywhere, he’s here for two terms—period. He will win the second term; it won’t even be a contest.  If they thought the first one was a runaway train, wait for the next election.  The second thing is that when I had prophecised back in November of 2015, I prophesied that ‘time is up for those who are corrupt’  is the word God shared with everyone.  It also said that this sitting president (Obama) was corrupt; basically, he was a lying deceitful thief and would be ripped and stripped of the presidency.  This had nothing to do with him being impeached.  I caught a lot of flak for that.  I always sensed that the Lord was saying that after he (Obama) was out of office, he would be charged with treason, and he would end up going to prison.  He will go to prison along with a ton of other people.  This word that God gave ‘time is up for those who are corrupt’ talked about judges, Senators, Congressmen and women at the state, local and Federal levels, that God himself was going to expose.  People get angry with Donald Trump for all this stuff.  This is not Donald Trump’s agenda.  He’s being used by God.  This is God’s agenda to expose this corruption and take it down. . . . Righteous judgment is not coming, it is already here.”

“Trump could be forced to do martial law in certain parts of the country to get control of it.  I said just before he got in, I said he would have to be careful about how they deal with this corruption because it could literally take down parts of government.  I’ve been telling people ‘put your seatbelts on.  We are in for the long ride here.’  There is a plan at play.  The plan is brilliant and taking place right before our very eyes. . . .These are powerful people, and there are certain things that have to be in place.  Look at the FBI and DOJ.  They’ve got to be cleaned out.  You can’t do a fair investigation when they are corrupt Obama holdovers.
The length, the width, the breadth of this corruption is global.”

“What is it about the full moon that does this to people?  The Lord says to me, Mark, the full moon effect is this:  He says the area of operation the enemy works, the devil himself or demons, is in darkness.  The Lord says when you introduce the light from the full moon, it agitates the demonic, and it brings out the worst in people.  That is the first time I got something that actually made sense about the full moon effect.  This is what is happening right now.  What God it doing right now with the arrest of these sex offenders and exposing all of this stuff.  He is introducing light into the darkness.  It is agitating the demonic.  This is why you are seeing all this backlash . . . this backlash from the enemy is because we are introducing light into the dark.  People have to understand this is a threat from the enemy, and there is no time to run in fear or to cower because God is on the throne.  He is in control, and this stuff is coming down.”

Taylor says the ride is going to be rough, and he contends,

“There is some stuff coming where people are going to need to put their seatbelts on because this is going to be a long ride. You cannot clean up global corruption that’s been going on for centuries. That’s right, I said centuries, which is getting ready to be revealed. You cannot do that overnight. It takes time to build a case against some of these people. The last people we want walking on a technicality are Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or some of these globalists. It takes time to build a case, and people need to be patient. I want to see these arrests go down, and you are going to see it go down. Justice is not coming, it is already here. This stuff takes time to put in place, and people are going to have to be patient and let the Lord work out the timing in all of this, and you should know God’s hand is in all of this.”

Taylor also cotends that being negative robs you of your will to fight. Taylor explains,

“You have to have a balance. You have to saturate yourself with as much good news as bad news. This frequency they are bombarding us with creates fear, paranoia and panic. It will damage your body organs. It will make you sick. It will literally change your DNA, and studies have shown this. The Lord showed me the sign will be when you give someone good news and they can’t receive it. that is a sign that your DNA has been handed over to the enemy. Now, we can change that. You can get away from the doom and gloom and go into the good news like Jesus said to preach, and you can change all that around. . . . You need to hear God’s voice correctly. You can get tapped into Satan’s frequency and you think you are hearing Good’s voice, but you are not. All you are hearing is the doom and gloom. This is designed to . . . rob you of hope, and when they rob you of hope, it robs you of the will to fight. That is the enemy’s design. You get these comments all the time when they write in and say these guys are never going to jail. Who are you trying to kid. Well, congratulations! You just fell prey to the psychological warfare.

“This is going to boggle the mind. Look at what God is exposing here. He (God) says there is an archeological find that is coming. I think this archeological find is going to be on multiple levels. Some have said it will be the Ark of the Covenant. It could be relics. I sense, and I am not prophesying this, I sense it could be scrolls. It could be manuscripts. You are going to find out . . . they wanted to keep man divided. This is not just going to affect Catholics. . . . This is going to affect everyone. God is performing a rescue mission right now. . . . The truth is going to come out, and it is going to set people free because they have been trying to control and manipulate the people through religion, power, and money. God is going to pull the veil back and expose all of this because he’s trying to rescue his people.”

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