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Monday, April 16, 2018

Fulford Explains the Syria Gas Attack


Since Friday 04/13/2018 I have awaited with expectation the weekly report of Benjamin Fulford to shed some light on the bombing of Syria by the orders of Donald Trump which can be read at Trump & the Gas Attacks .  I was not disappointed.  If true the information given by Mr. Fulford completely answered my misgivings.

After Mr. Trump stated that all troops would be taken out of Syria, the Deep State criminals went full throttle to stop Mr. Trump and his advisors from completely derailing the one world order plans and also the Greater Israel scenario.  The first move was to raid the office of Michael Cohen, who is Trump’s lawyer on April 9.  The purpose of the raid was to hopefully find information about Mr. Trump, his failed casinos, and the subsequent bailout by the Russia mafia (gangsters).  Mr. Fulford thinks that much blackmail material was found.  Regardless, they “Deep State” apparently found enough to force Trump to support the supposed Chlorine gas attack and announce his intention to bomb Syria.

Under ordinary circumstances this most likely would have led to a nuclear WWIII which is exactly what the Deep State operatives apparently desire to happen.

In a show of support, the US military officers posed with Trump in the Oval Office with 9 officers on the left and 11 officers on the right. 

The Syria attack was executed due to a behind-the-scenes deal made with the Russian military and the Syrian government.  The chosen targets were supposedly a dilapidated building and two empty airbases. 

Fulford also claimed the missile strikes covered Trump with the Deep State and paved the way for the removal of USA military personnel.

Another source which supports and verifies Mr. Fulford’s missive can be found at this address:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=QF60VV3G3_Y  and contains additional information.

The European Union is now further divided between nations that supported a bombing of Syria, i.e. Great Britain and France and others that wanted no part of it.

The Foreign Affairs Adviser for the French National Transition Council stated that the French military and the police are on the threshold of open revolt again the Macron government which has been labeled as an impostor government.  Judges and lawyers are upset due to so-called “judicial reforms”; anti-riot police are calling in sick; the French National Guard has plans to arrest the entire regime; and the Syrian attack only aggravated the situation.

It was previously reported in the post, The Desire for Armageddon, concerning the Christian Zionist desire to be raptured to heaven with the world engaging in the so-called War of Armageddon.  Mr. Fulford argues a new twist on this incorrect understanding of prophecy saying the Khazarian Jews are also (perhaps inadvertently) attempting to fulfill this New Testament prophecy. 

Mr. Fulford points out the Khazarians are not Christian prophecy enthusiasts and are not Old Testament Jews but rather they are Satanists or Luciferians.  They are also attempting to begin WWIII in order to depopulate the earth by 90% and induce slavery on the survivors. 

He also claims that Jared Kushner is a member of the radical Chabad sect.  Kushner’s 666 Fifth Avenue building’s prime occupant was Lucent Technologies which was developing an implantable RFID chip for the supposed purpose of fulfilling “the mark on the right hand of the forehead” prophecy of Revelation 13:16-18. 

As regular readers may know, the dispensational tribulational interpretation is merely a Darby-Scofield-Dallas Theological Seminary creation that was not relevant during the times of the Church fathers or even the Reformation.  For some reason the book of the Revelation became the blueprint outline of the so-called 7 year tribulation period. 

The Revelation is a prophetic (now mostly fulfilled) history of the Church in Europe and Asia Minor.  The beast from the sea is the “little horn” of Daniel – an extension of the Roman Empire and the beast from the earth began as the Rothschild banking system which is now worldwide.  There will not be the expected “mark of the beast”.  The mark is fiat money of which one has to use to buy or sell just don’t believe it is real money.

These are exciting times we are currently living in – the beginning of the take down of Mystery, Babylon which will usher the beginning of the Kingdom of God.  I only pray that I will live long enough to see the finality of these things.

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