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Monday, March 20, 2017

Fulford Update Highlights 3/20/17


Supposedly President Trump replaced the United States Corporation of 1861 back to its original 1776 founded Republic of the United States.  I knew the USA was turned into a corporation but did not read anywhere of its reinstatement back to a republic.  This revision is supposedly why the government did not shut down on March 15th without redefining the budget.  The $20 trillion debt belongs to the Corporation, not the Republic, thus declaring the Corporation as bankrupt and the debt to the Republic being null and void.  This is a big HURRAH if true.

It has been said that Rex Tillerson failed in his effort to get funding for the corporation in Asia last week.  Perhaps Tillerson should be removed from office. 

Rockefeller stooge Henry Kissinger showed up with Rex Tillerson and failed to get the Japanese to cash a bogus (40 trillion dollar) World Bank bond so that they could keep the US Corporation going.

The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers also tried to keep themselves from going bankrupt by taking over North Korea which is the location of a vast treasure of precious minerals and other underground resources.  It can now be confirmed that the French Branch of the Rothschild family staged an assassination of a fake Kim Yong Nam in Malaysia recently so as to discredit Kim Jong Un and remove him from power.

Rex Tillerson publicly threatened last week to take over North Korea by military force on behalf of his Rockefeller masters.  Pentagon sources say a Korean war will not happen.

However, there may be war in the Middle East, in order to take down the Satan worshippers occupying the government of Israel, Pentagon sources say.  To force Israel to make peace US top general Joseph Dunford met last week with King Abdulla II of Jordan to cement an alliance against Israel, Pentagon sources say.  As a result “Israel is now surrounded by a military coalition of Syria, Lebanon, Hezbollah, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Iran and Turkey as the Big 3 [China, USA and Russia] force it to make peace,” the sources said.

Netanyahu went to China for protection but the Chinese may demand a stop to Israeli attacks on Syria, a return of the Golan Heights, a two-state solution for Palestine and ISIS defeated so China can rebuild the Middle East and promote Eurasian integration.”

The reason President Trump did not shake A Merkel’s hand:  Trump refused to take a bribe offered by Merkel last week to not go after Rothschild flunkies like John McCain and Hillary Clinton.

CIA sources claim that Anthony Weiner and other pedophile criminals are “singing like canaries” and providing the FBI with plenty of evidence about high profile pedophilia and related black-mail rings at the top of the Western power structure.

The Trump regime is also determined to finish off the illegal drugs industry in South America and to bust the Bushes’ Colombian and Mexican cartels.

The long term solution for the illegal drug business will be to legalize and regulate narcotic substances so as to minimize the damage they cause and keep money out of the hands of crime gangs. There are ongoing top-secret negotiations towards this end, the sources say.

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