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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Democrats, MSM, Russia, Zionism, & Immigration


Considering the items and/or programs that Mr. Trump has currently enacted or intends to facilitate has led me to almost (not 100%, but almost) completely acknowledge that Mr. Trump has been chosen and placed as President of the USA by the hand of God i.e. he is anointed by God to change the course of American history for the eventual future placement of the Kingdom of God.  Not only for the USA, but for the entire world.  Other similar events are taking place in Europe and possibly elsewhere that I am not unquestionably aware of at the moment.

Mr. Trump is currently embroiled within a continual battle with the Democratic party, the Democratic congress, a few Republican congressional leaders, the mainstream media and press, Hollywood so-called celebrities, and a host of citizens generally referred to as left leaning, liberal, snowflakes, and possibly considered communists, socialists, Marxists, and several other names.

He has been branded and labeled with several possibly false accusations such as a misogamist (defines as hatred of marriage but has evolved to mean hatred of women), a racist, anti-semite, and others.  There are constant threats of impeachment for no rational reason other than alleged ties to Russia and/or Putin.   Some have even threatened impeachment due to his supposed and completely unproven mental health.

The so-called liberal Congress has been critical of Mr. Trump’s immigration executive order, but is immigration their actual concern or is it something else?  Perhaps their irrational hatred of Mr. Trump is due to their Zionist one-world government zeal.  Perhaps it is their fear of being disgraced or arrested for pedophilia.  In the case of John McCain it may be the fear of being confronted by their funding from the Rothschild family, the Saudi family, or for requesting campaign money from the Russians.

A majority of the Democrats, particularly congressional Democrats, refuse to acknowledge that Hillary Clinton lost the presidential race to Mr. Trump.  They have irrationally decided to blame the Russians as election hackers.  They consider any contact with a Russian to be the most despicable action a person can do.  They appear to be clamoring for positive respect among their peers but their words and actions may devolve into a political Democratic disaster.

The Russian Issue
The US Government under the Obama regime, began a crusade to topple several Arab governments in the Middle East.  These designated Arab countries were located around or near the state of Israel, and it has been alleged that Zionist Jewish influence in the USA is the persuasive power behind these invasions designed specifically for the convenience of the Israeli state.  These weakened countries, without a strong government, are more easily managed and directed and will eventually (or at least hopefully by the state of Israel) will be easier to conquer and eventually become a part of a future Greater Israel.

The Greater Israel dream is also supposedly responsible for the Ukraine coup, along with another NATO location in the near vicinity of Russia.  The Crimean section, who are mostly Russian, voted to secede from the Ukraine and become a part of Russia.  The Zionist members of Congress, the majority of the MSM echo parrots, along with a few other demented and irrational government people, accused Russian of invading Crimea and stockpiling military hardware across the border.  All of which were completely untrue and these lies are still being continually spoken today.

The Crimean issue, along with Russia’s presence in the Syrian conflict, as an ally of Assad, have engendered hatred by the groups listed in the above paragraph along with a host of sanctions imposed by the USG under Obama.  Recently, the failed Hillary Campaign has alleged the voting machines were hacked by the Russians under the orders of Putin.  Online research has revealed that American voting machines are not connected to the internet.  They can be reset or supposedly hacked but an individual has to be present with the machine to do so.  This idiotic accusation appears to be easily refuted but no one seems to be refuting and the hacking lie continues to spread.

Russia continues to be demonized by certain people, mostly Congressional members and MSM journalists.

There must be a profound reason the Russian lies, the Crimean lies, and the Syrian-Assad lies continue although the truth, which is retroactive to the lies, can be obtained.  Is Russia a roadblock to the USG/Israeli Zionist goal of a Greater Israel and a one-world government?  If so, what do John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Nancy Pelosi, and others expect to get as a reward?  Don’t they realize that Satan and his minions do not keep promises and bargains?

As mentioned above, Mr. Trump is anointed and appointed by God to begin tearing down the Mystery, Babylon system.  Russia, with their Orthodox Christian heritage, along with China with their newly enacted banking, finance, and monetary reforms are the modern “kings of the East” as spoken of in Revelation 16:12.  These eastern rulers, along with Mr. Trump, and soon coming European rulers will certainly prepare the way for the destruction of Mystery, Babylon and the commencement of the Kingdom of God.

The Zionist Issue
The majority (if not all) website authors and MSM journalists writing or speaking about the relationship of Trump and his supposed issues always appear to omit one major piece of information - which is:  The Zionist Jew and their minions.  The only exception I have found is: a few writers at the Veteran’s Today website.

All the major media is owned and operated by so-called Jews. The opinions, news items, and lies presented or avoided by the majority of MSM news channels are the ones important to the Zionist Jews in charge.  Anything disparaging their world view is not presented. 

Almost all pornography is owned, filmed, recorded, and financed by Jews.  It has been said the credits of a porn movie read like a Tel Aviv phone book.  LGBT, transgenderism, feminism, and black lives matter is financed and promoted by Zionist Jews specifically George Soros. 

The USA military is waging wars (aka the Arab Spring, Libya, Syria, a desire to attack Iran, and a desire to start WWIII with Russia).  These wars appear to be for the growth of greater Israel – they have certainly not attacked the USA.  Various Jewish billionaires fund most Democrats and some notable Republicans (McCain, Graham, Ryan, possibly others).  Therefore, it is my opinion, from several years of studying scripture and certain publications, that Zionist Jews and their Zionist American puppets, desire to destroy America and reduce it to a third world country with Russia as the next target.

The ultimate goal of the Zionist Jews is a one-world government with Israel as the seat of government with a reduced earthly population of low IQ, mixed, brown-skinned people for menial slave labor.

The Immigration Issue
The immigration problem is an issue that doesn’t appear to have a good solution.  A Christian should believe that God created all people of all races, but did He intend for everyone to live together in one country as one big happy family?  Some will say the answer is “yes” (i.e. “love your neighbor as yourself”) but why were the races and ethnic groups relatively separated throughout most of the course of history?  Genesis relates that God separated the people by assigning different languages at the tower of Babel and the groups went their separate ways.

Religious persecution initially brought white Europeans to America who upset the lifestyles of the American Indians.  Slave traders brought Africans to America as cheap labor, who, for a time, upset the white lifestyles.  The Arab Spring and other unnecessary Mideast wars supposedly started the wave of Islamic/Arab immigrants to Europe and the USA.  The Islamic shooting sprees that have occurred in the USA, France, and Germany have been blamed on the CIA or the Israelis as false flag events.  Some countries like Merkel’s Germany first welcomed immigrants with open arms.  Liberal Americans, who know a few Hispanics or Arabs think immigration is a great idea, others not so much.  Most Hollywood celebrities are hyper-pro-immigration as long as they are only in their neighborhoods as housekeepers and grounds workers.

Some Islamic/Arab and Hispanic immigrants actually arrive to work and be a part of the culture.  Others come to receive a government handout, while they commit rape, pillage, murder, and other crimes.  Some people have suggested that government entitlements (welfare, food stamps, etc.) should be completely shut off, but that is a dangerous monster with a head difficult to cut off.  A blockage to Hispanic money earned in the USA being sent back to Mexico would stop the entrance of many immigrants who do not desire to become inclusive American citizens.

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