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Sunday, February 12, 2017

News of the World

or the Kingdom of God

The Continuing Disintegration of Mystery Babylon
Trump was elected based upon his campaign promises and he is currently in the process of fulfilling those promises as quickly as he can. I still consider him to be anointed by God although, like Cyrus of the Old Testament, he is not yet aware of this anointment. However, he is working diligently to unknowingly begin the demolition of mystery Babylon at least in the United States.  Great Britain, perhaps unknowingly, is balking at the one world government with their Brexit actions.

So far there are four elections to be held in 2017 that will most likely determine the future of the European Union.  Each election will be a significant referendum concerning Europe’s pro-immigration and anti-Russian policies.  These elections include the Netherlands on March 15, France April 23, Italy around May 23, and Germany on September 24.

A recently published article talks about the real reason for the hate against Donald Trump.  The article claims that the war against him is being orchestrated and funded by massively financed elites of the one world group, aka the New World order, that desires a secular, borderless, depopulated world government composed of brown skinned people.  This group expected that Hillary Clinton would be elected which would lead to the implementation of the final stages of their plans for gaining the powers they have long sought.  With that power in hand they were set to radically transform international society, take full control of the economies of all nations, eliminate national sovereignties, impose dramatic social changes, and integrate the remaining population, other than themselves, into a single racial composition.  The election of Donald Trump with a majority of Republicans to the Senate, Congress, governorships and other positions, have left the One-Worlders reeling.  They are enraged and hysterical that their expectations of a dizzying final achievement of the total power of man as god has been smashed. That is their ultimate goal - replacing God with man.  Yes, the Lord God is completely in control and the beginning of the Kingdom of God upon the earth is in the process of taking place.

All of the above paragraph makes sense and appears logical but how can one account for the leftist liberal’s demonstrations with riots and possibly the news media and their participation.  The MSM is owned and operated by Jews but how do they keep each correspondent in check.  A job and paycheck may be the answer but there are always weak moments and slipups.  Paid protestors may be the answer for the mob violence but not for the massive protests.  Perhaps they are merely lazy people without the desire for a job along with many brain-washed students.

The Immigration Fiasco
The immigration issue is one of the major concerns currently in the United States and Europe. The media labels any ban on immigrants as an assault on war-fleeing children and families and people merely attempting to be safe and free. Although there is some truth in that statement it ignores the fact that most immigrants are the result of destruction and disruption of many Muslim countries through the so-called Arab spring activities of the USA and its allies.  It has been Babylonian policy to create refugees with the intention of flooding the USA and Europe with non-Christians and future Democrat voters with the hopes of destroying any remaining foundation of Christianity.  It is also their policy to integrate all races into a single brown-skinned group of dumb workers.

In case anyone hasn’t figured it out yet, Angela Merkel is the European Queen of Babylonian policy. She currently seems to be aware that Europe is revolting against the Babylonian Masters and she is therefore backing down from her “no emigrant left behind” policy. Criticism of her decision to leave Germany’s borders open with a welcome mat for all immigrants has led to a surge in support for anti-immigrant and pro-Russian political parties.  Other European nations have already started to deport immigrants and to close their borders to block entry.

It has also been alleged the United States is bombing and disrupting Arab countries around Israel to help instigate the so-called greater Israel dream of the Jews. Israel’s goal is to expand their border to the approximate size of Solomon’s Old Testament kingdom.  All the major MSM stations are owned by Jews, thus all the interactions of the United States and Russia in Syria are lies with the result of creating fake news. Russia has been accused of invading Crimea, bombing hospitals in Syria, and other atrocities that are basically complete lies. The USA and their allies are the ones bombing and killing Syrian soldiers, hospitals, and various mobile convoys containing food and other aid material.  Slowly American citizens are waking up to the truth of actual occurrences and the MSM lies.

Through Jubilee studies done by Dr. Stephen Jones, he has reached the consensus that 2017 is the climactic year that ends the rule of the beast. Recall, the beast systems were prophesied in Daniel 2 and 7 as Babylon, Media-Persia, Greece, Rome, and the “little horn” which is an extension of the Roman Empire and is basically the Roman Church.  It is Dr. Jones’ belief the world will see a European revolution through the populist movements that are essentially revolting against the Babylonian rulers. It is surmised if any one of the four countries listed in paragraph one exit the EU, it is unlikely the European Union will survive in its present form.  Recall, it is Caucasian Western Europe and Caucasian Canada and America that comprise the majority of the “lost” ten tribes of northern Israel.

Fake News
The number of people who mistrust the mainstream media is growing larger each day. The number of people getting their news from alternative media is also growing larger each day. The MSM is a Jewish owned and controlled press that purposely dispenses fake news and twisted ideas with the intent of bolstering the one world government concept. They have apparently declared war on Donald Trump and give the impression that everything he does is controversial and against the will of the majority – maybe the majority of leftist liberals and particularly against the one world concept.  The best thing the White House could do would be to essentially ignore them as much as possible because their comments and actions are not in the best interests of Trump and the initiative of the Kingdom of God.

Another ongoing trend is that American Christians are increasingly becoming non-Zionist.  Zionism is the misguided belief that Jews are God’s chosen people and have the right to rule the world with all other inhabitants as their servants and slaves.  Anyone refusing the New Covenant of Jesus Christ is not the chosen people of God, although many have misunderstood, perhaps purposely, the scriptures describing the true people of God and the destruction of the people responsible for usurping the Kingship of Jesus Christ and having Him crucified to retain the kingdom.

 I recently read an article by Pastor Chuck Baldwin (2-10-2017) where he stated that his former dispensational pro-Zionist pre-tribulational doctrine has come to an end. He has now decided that the modern state of Israel is not the fulfillment of various Old Testament prophecies and instead, is a land grabbing group of terrorists.  

A recent pro-Israel publication reports that only 30% of evangelical Christians stated their support for Israel above Palestinians. The evangelical support for Israel has always been a result of their above-mentioned theology. However a significant factor in the shift away from Zionism is the knowledge of the true situation in Israel and Palestine. This is the primary reason the USG has vetoed many UN resolutions condemning Israeli oppression. The Israelis have always maintained they are the victims of a wide swath of Arabs wanting to kill them for stealing their land.  Christian leaders are now discovering that it is the Israelis who are oppressing the Palestinian population which is a fact some of us have known for some time.

The Transfer Of Authority
According to Dr. Stephen Jones there is a major “Jerusalem” watch day coming up at the end of this year i.e. 2017.  Jerusalem was conquered by Nebuchadnezzar in 604 BC which began a 2520-year captivity of the Jews known in prophecy as a period of “seven times”. This seven times chronological time cycle ended in 1917 when the British general Allenby captured Jerusalem from the Ottoman Empire. This is the moment Jacob gave back to Esau the control of the land of Canaan as prophesied by Isaac to Esau (refer to Genesis 27:39-40, if you happen to be interested). 

However Jerusalem and Judea had a 100 year time of independence between the end of Greek control (the age of the Maccabees) prior to the beginning of Roman control. Therefore the beast rule (the five beasts prophesied in Daniel 2 and 7) was extended from 1917 to 2017. The year 2017 is also 70 years from the Palestinian resolution in 1947. The year 2017 is also one Jubilee cycle from the Six-Day War in 1967 when the Israelis took control of Jerusalem. October 2017 may be the transfer of authority from the based systems to the saints of the most high as in Daniel 7:22, 25, 27. This could also be a watch day for the current city of Jerusalem. Isaiah 29 appears to speak of the destruction of Jerusalem, perhaps as a nuclear attack.  Jesus will not rule during the Kingdom of God (Millennial rest period) from the Old Jerusalem but from the New Jerusalem sent from heaven to earth (see Revelation 3:12 and 21:2).

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