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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Immigration & Abortion


This post will generally be a personal one due to its opinionated content.

Two Groups
There appear to be two opposing groups in the United States today, those opposing the influx of immigrants and those welcoming illegal aliens and immigrants. The group opposing immigrants also appear to be the group that are antiabortion. The group welcoming a flood of immigrants appear to be a group that are pro-abortion. The relationship of these two groups and their characteristics appear to be a mystery.

It should seem odd that a group welcoming immigrants would believe that fetuses are nonhuman and have no right to exist if the mother does not want them. Their argument is that the fetus would be a hindrance to the pregnant woman and the future of her lifestyle.  Therefore she should have the right to abort the unborn child if it would create undue stress and unnecessary complexity in her future lifestyle.

The pro-life group also appears to be the same group who believe that immigrants should stay at their own home and not be allowed in this country. They also believe that fetuses are in fact human beings and should be allowed to live without the use of abortion regardless of the wishes and needs of the mother.

The thinking of the abortion group that immigrants should be welcomed with open arms and that fetuses should be killed if so desired is a perplexing concept. Why would a group welcome Mexicans and Muslims and not consider an unborn baby as a person with the right to life. There must be a spiritual issue somewhere.  The major problem concerning unborn babies is definitely a spiritual problem. Both Israel and Judah were cursed by God for offering babies to be sacrificed to various false gods.  The majority of the women seeking an abortion are not married, do not plan to be married, could be feminists, and apparently believe that sex is a personal recreational pleasure and that pregnancy is an unfortunate side effect.  Little do they understand that God created men and women to be a united family and have children.

Many of the young people on both the East and West Coasts attend college by borrowing money. The majority of their chosen majors are void of job offers when they graduate. Most of them are forced to live at home with no job and with no intention of getting a job since the only opportunities include cooking hamburgers. The youth merely become another group of people seeking a government handout. Life should be relatively okay for them until the parents die or become sick or disabled. In the meantime they are living off of their parent’s money, engaging in recreational sex, with the hope that the government pays for their abortion when necessary. Many of them were attuned to Bernie Sander’s communist rhetoric during the past election. Like many on government welfare they desire that people with money should share it, forcefully or otherwise, with those who refuse to work.

Muslim Invasion
During the first century, until the advent of the Rothschild’s, most of Europe, the Roman Church, and the Eastern Church were invaded by several groups including the Mongols and two invasions by the Muslims. Each invasion as identified in the Revelation was to punish the church for its idolatry, pagan practices, and unlawful, un-biblical concepts. Each time the Revelation states that the people did not repent i.e. the majority of the Church. Is it possible the current Muslim invasion who are identified as immigrants could be for the same purpose? There is no repentance among the un-biblical and unlawful abortionists. Rather than having a fear of the Muslim immigrants they welcome them with open arms with the claim these are innocent people needing a safe home but unborn babies are not considered innocent people.

Whether or not the pro-life people have a spiritual problem with their views is unsure at the moment. It may be they are more concerned with a correct family type lifestyle without the crime and issues of jobless people on welfare and free medical services`. This group of abortionists and immigrant “welcomers” is predominantly of the Democratic Party. They continue to maintain that Hillary Clinton was cheated out of the presidency.  The governmental group of Democratic politicians is largely responsible for the many wars and battles in the Middle East that have created the emigrant problem. A halt to the Middle East wars with funds spent to rebuild their infrastructure would lessen or mitigate the problem of the immigration struggle.

Another group responsible for the emigrant wave is the corporations and the tech industry. American schools have been so purposely dumbed down over the years that college graduates are no longer capable of technological work. Therefore, they must import technicians from India, China, and elsewhere to perform the tech work if it is not farmed out to another country. The same criteria would apply to many Corporation jobs.

Destruction of Mystery Babylon
As noted in previous posts, it is my belief that God is currently decimating the mystery Babylon system. There are still a few prophecies that need to be fulfilled prior to the start of the millennium, such as the highly probable destruction of Jerusalem. Jesus and his overcoming saints will rule from the New Jerusalem rather than the current city. The process of deconstructing mystery Babylon and changing the attitudes of many people worldwide will take a certain amount of time. Contrary to popular belief the world will not be changed with supernatural magic although possible.  However, the necessary changes will occur through what appears to be normal human actions which are directed by God to instill the kingdom of God.  These actions may include some that are quite drastic but always remember that God is in total control.

Thoughts on Trump
It is unsure if Donald Trump is part of this plan, although it has been said by some that Donald Trump has been anointed by God similar to the anointing of Cyrus to replace the original Babylonian kingdom. So far he seems to be impervious to the schemes and intrigues to defeat him, with the exception of the judge who recently halted his executive order immigration ban. Only time will tell if this is truly a defeat or if it will lead to something even more spectacular.

Trump appears to be increasing American jobs and industry.  He also seems to be cutting costs and saving government money.  A recent article claimed that “pizza-gate” is real and is currently being investigated by the FBI and soon many prominent government people will be arrested.  The article claimed that the holdup is having Sessions appointed as Attorney General for the arrests to be made.


  1. Wow! Excellent article. I have been a reader for a while now. From what I have gathered, you believe that most of revelations was fulfilled in the early centuries of the church. Do you have an article about where you believe we are in relevations? What is yet to be fullfilled? Also do you accept donations through another source beside paypal? One other question. Do you offer email notifications for your articles? I am on mobile and could no find a link. Thank you.

  2. Sorry I didn't reply earlier but Firefox was giving me fits so I went to another internet host.

    I appreciate your monetary offer but I do not accept donations - when I have something to say about the Kingdom of God, it is free information.

    I think there is an article about where in time we are in the Revelation and it may be mixed in several posts, but maybe not so I will tell you - we are currently in the downfall of Mystery, Babylon which may have occurred with the announcement in chapter 14 of "Fallen is Babylon" but the actual destruction is not described until chapter 18. Revelation is not in strict chronological order as some think.

    My latest post "News of the World" was written with information from Dr. Kenneth Jones and claims that the end of this year (2017) may be an important watch date.

    After the disintegration of Mystery, Babylon there is a possibility Old Jerusalem will be destroyed according to Isaiah 29. At the end of all this there will be a so-called gathering up of the elect/overcomers. It will not be everyone calling themselves a Christian but only the true followers of the Kingdom of God. Whether they fly up to heaven or not is not known by me but they will be the rulers, priests, and administrators of the Kingdom of God will will be right here on planet earth.

    There is a "Notify Me" box at the end-right of the comments and there is a "Follow" button at the bottom-left of the page. However, I do not know if they work or how they work, if they do indeed work.