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Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Desire for Armageddon


For the past few days I have been somewhat anxious, with a slight tint of depression, concerning the events and decisions made by Mr. Trump and the US Congress.  I believe that God is totally in control of all events and decisions and things will work out exactly as He has planned.  However, an occasional doubt will cross my mind which explains the concern and depression.  I have written about a planned WWIII in a previous article where I said that it most likely will not happen, but I could be wrong.  After all, I also think that Jerusalem will get nuked and there may need to be some type of nuclear exchange to place place.

Current Events
In my mind, and also in the mind of others more knowledgeable than me, Mr. Trump’s main prophetic job was to drain the swamp, rid the country of pedophiles, and, as he claims, make America great again.  However, the newly passed and signed appropriations bill appears to do just the opposite.  The wall will not be built, Planned Parenthood is fully funded, illegal immigration is back on the rise, and now the great act preceding all dictatorships is occurring, i.e. the confiscation of all guns and weapons.  Mr. Trump has also approved a sale of war weapons to Saudi Arabia.  His latest move was to place warhawk John Bolton within his cabinet.

Mr. Trump claimed to have signed the appropriations bill because he desires to buildup and strengthen the military.  Why would be want to do that when the Russian’s have demonstrated that North America, Europe, and Israel will be totally destroyed and the USA’s defense weapons will be totally useless?

As will be hopefully explained later in this article, the desire for more missiles, planes, ships, and nukes may be a deadly game of chicken where no one backs out.  In other words – Armageddon Anyone? – bring it on.  It may be possible the “behind the scenes” high swamp elites desire an Armageddon called WWIII because they plan to survive this event and crawl out of hiding to place the world under a one-world government, even if there is not much of a world or live people left intact.

What is Mr. Trump’s reasoning for these decisions?  Is he secretly a Neo-Con Zionist?  He appears to fully support the plans of greater Israel, but why?  Although he may not be a Christian or a Zionist he certainly exhibits the characteristics of a Christian Zionist.  Or, as Mike Huckabee claims, Trump is merely playing rope-a-dope.  Then we are presented with Stormy Daniels.

The true evangelical Christian Zionists are said to secretly desire an Armageddon scenario to aid the beginning of the Kingdom of God.  They don’t seem to understand that people cannot help God in His plans but that is not the case with the “behind the scenes” elite swamp people who have different plans to rule the world even if there is not much of a world left to rule.

The commentator, Clif High, has recently predicted that major banks around the world will start going out of business.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXFJUAf9afA .This would entice the elite swamp to ramp up efforts to start WWIII.

Steve Quayle and Susan Duclos of All News Pipeline have reported that many DC officials have been setting up underground bunkers within the unpopulated areas of the northwest USA.  As Quayle and Duclos report, “do they know something that we don’t know?”

Russia Smearing
The “Russia did it” mantra began with Hillary Clinton blaming the Russian’s with tampering with the election system and being in cahoots with Donald Trump by aiding and abetting his presidential win.  Most normal people, other than the extreme left, thought Hillary was an idiot, but it may have been to start the Russian “ball rolling” and was not an accident.  With the assistance of James Comey and Rod Rosenstein with his appointment of Mueller as special council the Russian witch hunt earnestly began, along with an attempt to bring down and impeach Trump.

Prior to the presidential election, the West accused Russia of invading the Ukraine, of which they did not.  Neither did they take over Crimea.  The Crimeans elected to be associated with Russia.  The Russians have also been accused of hacking the electrical power systems of the USA.

The latest smear is Theresa May and Boris Johnson accusing the Kremlim following the orders of Putin of poisoning an ex-Soviet spy and his daughter all without any evidence.

Paul Craig Roberts: Washington Has Declared Hegemony Or War

Israel has demanded that Washington renew the attacks on Iran, and Trump is complying. Russia faces simultaneous attacks on Syria, Iran, and the Donatsk and Luhansk Republics, along with troubles in former Central Asian republics of the Soviet Union and intensified accusations from Washington and NATO.

The crazed neoconservatives, such as Trump’s National Security Adviser John Bolton, think that Russia will buckle under the strains, sue for peace, and accept US hegemony. If this assumption is incorrect, the outcome of Washington’s hostile actions against Russia is likely to be nuclear war.

Stephen Lendman from the same Zero Hedge article
Further EU/US sanctions and other harsh measures are likely to be imposed on Russia over the Skripal affair, an escalated attempt to isolate the country and inflict economic harm – despite Western nations knowing Moscow had nothing to do with what happened.

Theresa May-led Tories are considering tough actions against Russia over the incident. So are other EU countries and Washington.

On Friday, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the Trump administration is considering a range of options against Moscow over the Skripal affair – “both to demonstrate our solidarity with our ally and to hold Russia accountable for its clear breach of international norms and agreements.”

David Icke
Today, I listened to two videos of David Icke, as listed on Steve Quayle’s website and Russia Today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPCWHlhAmLg .  Many people have a low opinion of Mr. Icke, due to his dislike of Jews and his occasional white nationalist concepts.

These two videos talk about the US military’s actions throughout the world, the cost of such military expeditions, and how most everything military is controlled by the demands and desires of the current Israeli government and the Rothschild’s banking system.

Icke claims that Russia and China are targeted because these two countries are the primary roadblocks for the elite’s wished-for one-world government.  China is supposed to begin their yuan for gold oil exchange on Monday, March 25.  This may bring down the petrol dollar system, allow gold and silver to escalate in price, and create an extreme inflationary episode within the USA’s money supply. 

China’s new silk-road project is another thorn in the side of the one-worlders.  This will allow high speed trains to carry supplies over the Chinese, Russian, and European areas.  The advance of Chinese military bases within the South China Sea is disturbing the US military and government.

North Korea plays a part for fomenting China since they are allies.  Syria and Iran play a part for fomenting Russia because they are allies.  The USA i.e. Trump is currently targeting China with tariffs and China is retaliating with their own tariffs.

The primary goal, according to Icke, is after world devastation, the populace will desire for this to never happen again and will readily agree to only one government for the world with only one standing military.  Thus, there is a small group of elites (whoever they are) that are willing to provoke a nuclear war in order to gain complete control.

The deep state and the elite world swamp creatures perceive they are beginning to lose control for their desired one-world government project.  Icke insists that a WWIII has always been in the plans of the elite to completely centralize power.  The American Jewish owned media are using every opportunity to degrade Russia and China in order to impart the mindset that Russia and China are the evil entities of the world.  If the Americans and Europeans want to be protected from these deplorable countries then war or WWIII is the only plausible answer.

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