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Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Curse of Christian Zionism


As I wrote about in a previous post dated December, 2017 called Darby, Scofield, & Prophetic Deception   https://freedomfromdelusion.blogspot.com/2017/12/darby-scofield-prophetic-deception.html   Christian Zionism or just Zionism, for those not necessarily Christian, is a dangerous doctrine which will ultimately result in widespread confusion.

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This principle or creed actually began around 1948 when the Khazarian gangs became statesmen and politicians and the current state of Israel was established by the UN with the USA being the first acknowledger and accepter.  This event lit a huge bonfire underneath the American evangelical crowd and the Israel fervor spread to most church people along with many politicians until it eventually became a government political issue.

Bible teachers and preachers suddenly discovered many so-called prophetic events they thought would soon be fulfilled.  Their doctrine of the return of Christ and the tribulation period would soon take place – or so they thought.  The Scofield Reference Bible suddenly became a best seller and the Book of the Revelation with its 7 seals, 7 trumpets, and 7 bowls because the blueprint outlining the 7 weeks of the presumed tribulation period.

As expected events didn’t occur as they thought, the prophetic guess dates were altered and placed at later times for their fulfillment.  Although previously mentioned in the Scofield Bible, dispensational theology became a serious study (i.e. the Church would be raptured to heaven and the Jews would control the world).  The misinterpretation of the Seventy Weeks of Daniel became a future tribulation era consisting of 7 years.  With that came three different interpretations of the so-called “rapture” theory:  the pre-tribulation; the mid-tribulation; and the post-tribulation.

Although I am repeating myself from previous posts, the 70 weeks ended with the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ with the Revelation maintaining a prophetic history of the Church from the time of John until the dismantling of Mystery, Babylon which is occurring at the present.  The remainder of the book is future prophecy concerning the Millennial Kingdom of God (or Kingdom of heaven as found in the book of Matthew).

If there is some version of a tribulation period then we are currently in it, and events may get worse.  Actually, events may get much worse particularly with the frantic efforts of the communist thinking Democrats after the FISA memo was released.  Some people are actually predicting a left wing civil war.

After the decline of Mystery, Babylon the next event should be a resurrection and a calling up (rapture if you choose) of the elect, both currently dead and alive.  The elect, also known as overcomers or the Saints of God (Daniel), will reign and rule with Jesus Christ who is the head ruler for 1000 years.  Everyone else, both Christian and non-Christian will be resurrected at the end of the Millennium to be judged at the Great White Throne judgement.

The Political Effect
Most people of the world, particularly in the USA and Europe (which is home to the descendants of the ten northern tribes of Israel), either have no concept of Zionism (Christian or otherwise) or they tend to follow the Christian Zionist’ doctrine.

The CZ (i.e. Christian Zionist) thinking is that God finally allowed the Jews to resettle their old land.  It is also thought that Jews constitute members of all twelve tribes of ancient Israel when it is doubtful if any are actually Judahites or Benjaminites much less of the northern ten tribes of Israel who were escorted out of their land into the eastern section of the Assyrian empire.

The USA appears to be operated by deep state Jews.  They have organizations such as the ACLU, AIPAC, NAACP, lobbyists, senate members, FBI members, CIA members, judges, and many others operating in front and behind the scenes.  They own and operate all the big Hollywood studios, the music industry, and all major newspapers and MSM companies.

Politicians will do whatever the Jews desire, will never level a charge against them even when they destroyed the USS Liberty, and will fight and pay for wars for them so they will feel safe and be able to expand their territory.  They consider the Palestinians to be scum and Israel has the God given right to take whatever land they desire and kill as many Palestinians as they see necessary.

Due to the evangelical influence, the USA government and most of the European governments claim that Jews, aka Israel, constitute the “apple of God’s eye”.  They are the chosen ones.  God placed them in Israel for a divine purpose and God protects them and causes them to be wealthy.  They can do whatever they want, when they want, and if you disagree with them, then you are anti-Semitic and should be fervently punished and dismissed.

Only when a professed Jew acknowledges Jesus Christ as the Son of God and the Messiah will they ever bear fruit of the Kingdom of God.

Romans 2:28-29 NET For a person is not a Jew who is one outwardly, nor is circumcision something that is outward in the flesh, (29) but someone is a Jew who is one inwardly, and circumcision is of the heart by the Spirit and not by the written code. This person's praise is not from people but from God.

Word Study Dictionary:  By “one who is a Jew inwardly” Paul means one who, whether Jew or Gentile by natural descent, is a child of Abraham through faith in Christ, the promised seed, and consequently is a true confessor of Jehovah.

By denying Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the Jew cannot truthfully worship the Father either and a sacrifice would be heresy.

1John 2:23 NET Everyone who denies the Son does not have the Father either. The person who confesses the Son has the Father also.

The Purpose of Jews in Israel
Actually, God did place many of the so-called Jews in Israel for a divine purpose.  Firstly, any proclaimed Jews who are not Khazarians are either Edomites or partial Edomites.  In addition there are many professing Jews in Europe, Russia, and the USA.

The Edomites (also called Idumeans) were absorbed into the Jewish tribes (Judah, Benjamin, Levi) around 126 BC when Hyrcanus of the Maccabees conquered the Edomites and gave them the choice of either becoming a Jew or being deported.  Of course, all the Edomites, who desperately desired the land of Israel since the days of Esau, agreed to become Jews, at least in outward practice and appearances.

Josephus, the Jewish historian, recorded that Edomites were allowed to become Jews in his Antiquities of the Jews.

“Hyrcanus took also Dora and Marissa, cities of Idumea, and subdued all the Idumeans; and permitted them to stay in that country, if they would be circumcised, and make use of the laws of the Jews; and they were so desirous of living in the country of their forefathers, that they submitted to the use of circumcision and the rest of the Jews’ ways of living; at which time therefore, this befell them, that they were hereafter no other than Jews.”

The same information can also be found in:
The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia, edited by Dr. Cecil Roth and Dr. Geoffrey Wigoder (1970 edition), page 587

The Jewish Encyclopedia, 1925 edition

The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary, p. 333

More information can be found at the following posts:  Israel Is Edom   Israel Is Edom Part 2    Christian Zionism    Who or What Is a Jew

Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of soup and was swindled out of his scepter or kingship blessing by Jacob.  When Esau discovered that his kingship blessing had been tricked from Isaac by Jacob he cried in regret and asked Isaac for a blessing as well.  Through the power and mind of God, Isaac gave Esau a prophetic blessing that Israel and Judah endured until their destruction and captivity from Assyria and Babylon and that the world is still enduring today.

Here is the prophetic blessing that Isaac gave Esau:  Genesis 27:39-40 NET  So his father Isaac said to him, "Indeed, your home will be away from the richness of the earth, and away from the dew of the sky above.  (40)  You will live by your sword but you will serve your brother. When you grow restless, you will tear off his yoke from your neck." 

When the fraud was discovered by Isaac, he knew that eventually God would take away the promises obtained by Jacob and give them to Esau.  We will discover the blessing shift did not fully take place until 1948 when the Edomite Judeans and Russian Khazarians gained control of a portion of Canaan by political manipulations.  As the Pharisees once stated, “they are of the seed of Abraham” which is true, but are not fully, if at all, the seed of Jacob and Judah.  God is keeping His promise and allowing the descendants of Esau an opportunity to produce fruit of the Kingdom, which they have not done nor will ever do.  The blessing will be reversed again at the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Matthew 21:19 KJV  And when he saw a fig tree in the way, he came to it, and found nothing thereon, but leaves only, and said unto it, Let no fruit grow on thee henceforward forever. And presently the fig tree withered away.

Although the CuttingEdge.org website sincerely believes the current Palestinians are the Edomites – they are not.  Cutting Edge also believes that Israel will destroy the Palestinians as fulfillment of the Obadiah prophecy given below – however, the Edomite Jews will be the recipients of this prophecy.

(Obadiah 1:18)  And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them; and there shall not be any remaining of the house of Esau; for the LORD hath spoken it.

It has been said that the majority of the true descendants of Judah and Benjamin, after the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, followed the Lord’s teachings and became part of the new Christian faith.  Thus the Pharisees and other ruling classes were Edomites or partial Edomites.  Scripture declares the consummation of these rulers:

Luke 19:12-27 KJV  He said therefore, A certain nobleman went into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom, and to return…..  (14)  But his citizens hated him, and sent a message after him, saying, “We will not have this man to reign over us”.  (15)  And it came to pass, that when he was returned, having received the kingdom, then he commanded these servants to be called unto him….. (27)  But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.

The mass of Khazarian converted Jews (they are not descended from Jacob, Isaac, Abraham, or Shem but are genetically of Japheth) is another group claiming to be Jews that will not produce any fruit of the Kingdom since they tend to think as the Edomites.

The Mike Pence Issue
The writer, Philip Giraldi, considered the aftermath consequences if President Trump is either impeached or murdered (i.e. assassinated).  This would make VP Mike Pence the automatic president.  According to Mr. Giraldi, since Mr. Trump appears to be positively focused on Israel then Mike Pence would be completely enamored with the so-called Jew country.  However, I am completely convinced that Mr. Trump is ordained by God to place the northern Israelite tribes of America back on the right track and he is performing a good job of draining the swamp of Jews and Christian Zionists.  It is my belief that Mr. Trump will not be impeached or assassinated until the purposes of God are completed and possibly not even at that point.

Mike Pence - A Zionist Whack-Job Bought and Paid for By Israel


An important article about the disastrous influence of 'Christian Zionism' and its Jewish promoters, on American foreign policy

And speaking of the Bible, Pence is both a Christian fundamentalist and a dispensationalist, which means that he thinks every word in the Good Book is literally true and that Christianity is going through phases or dispensations that will lead to the rapture of true believers into heaven followed by the wrath of God descending on those who refuse to see the light.

The odd thing about people like Pence is that they stick like glue to their Scofield Reference Bibles but apparently rarely venture into the New Testament part with its talk of compassion and forgiveness. They much prefer the fire and brimstone in the Jewish part with Joshua smiting and Philistines (Palestines?) falling left and right. Pence and his co-believers, who are sometimes labeled Christian Zionists, consider Jews to be the Chosen People of God and Israel’s creation and survival are all part of the master plan that will lead to the end of the world as we know it.

The re-creation of a Jewish state and the gathering in of as many of the world’s Jews as possible is seen as a critical step to achieve the Second Coming of Christ, which Pence and his associates fervently hope will occur soon. At that point, it is assumed that the Jews will realize that Christ is truly their Messiah and will mass-convert. If they do not they will be consumed in fire like all the other unbelievers.

“…I am here to convey a simple message from the heart of the American people: America stands with Israel.

We stand with Israel because your cause is our cause, your values are our values, and your fight is our fight. We stand with Israel because we believe in right over wrong, in good over evil, and in liberty over tyranny. We stand with Israel because that’s what Americans have always done…”

The scary thing is that Pence likely believes his own rhetoric. It would be hard to compress so much nonsense into a few sentences without looking completely ridiculous, but Pence in his zealotry seeks to convey a measure of rectitude relating to a whole basket of untruths without even breathing hard.

The Semitic Issue
The fear of antisemitism or the fear of losing a source of income has caused many writers for the past several years to avoid the use of the word Jew or any hostile message concerning Israel.  Times are changing and now many writers are finally calling “a spade a spade”.  Most of these writer’s articles appear on the Russia Insider website because that site is not afraid or reluctant to publish them.  Below are a series of Russia Insider articles speaking of the destructive methods of the Jews.

America's Jews Are Driving America's Wars
By Philip Giraldi September 19, 2017

"And if someone’s feelings are hurt, too bad. We don’t need a war with Iran because Israel wants one and some rich and powerful American Jews are happy to deliver. Seriously, we don’t need it."

It's Time to Drop the Jew Taboo
By Charles Bausman January 15, 2018

Is It Permissible to Criticize Jews?


" most of them are socialists, progressives, communists, liberals, Bernie and Hillary supporters, Democrats, devotees of labor unions; ugh. As it happens, I am myself Jewish."

The Shocking Neocon Plan to Invade Iran, Paid for by Jewish Oligarchs
Redefining Anti-Semitism - An Effort To Silence Criticism Of Israel

An authoritative American voice digs into this aspect of Jewish influence on American politics.

Letter to the Editor: the Jewish Question and Russia-Bashing in the West

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