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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Racial Blending


During one of my afternoon coffee shop meetings, the following question was asked – “Why do television shows and programs insist on displaying mixed race couples?”

There is actually an answer as to the purpose of media-owners constant casting of mixed race couples and groups.  The mixing usually consists of at least one Latino, one Black (African American to the politically correct), and one Caucasian. If displaying a group of couples there will almost always be a black-white couple, and a Latino-white couple.  Rarely will there be a Black-Latino mix.  It appears that white women are being convinced to mate with blacks and Latinos and many actually do so.  The white male-black female match is mostly insignificant in both the media and real life.

There is no scriptural indications that races should be separated that I know of.  The only possible hint would be the Tower of Babel incident where God changed the languages of all the people so that they would resettle within groups which are highly likely to be ethnic racial groups.  If not by racial groups, over a period of time they would become a uniform racial entity.

The Force Behind Race Mixing
It has been generally proved that Jewish traders (i.e. ship owners) were largely responsible for the buying of African people and selling them to the young republic as slaves.  Within the past eight years B. Obama has allowed many illegal immigrants to enter the USA from south of the border along with many immigrants from various African “shxt-hole” nations, to borrow a phrase from Dick Durbin as allegedly credited with President Trump.  It can also be added that many Arabs and Africans have entered Europe supposedly endorsed and encouraged by George Soros and Angela Merkel.

The vast majority of Hollywood production companies and the entire MSM news companies are owned and operated by Jewish oligarchs.  Most, if not all, of them are dual citizen individuals (i.e. Israel and the USA) although their loyalties always favor the current nation of Israel. 

It has been said that the goal of the one-worlders (i.e. primarily Zionist Jews and their lackeys) was to reduce the United States to the level of a third world country.  In addition to shifting industrial production out of the country there was also the policy of supporting and encouraging a migrant invasion of Latinos, African blacks, and Muslim Arabs. 

The policy of taxing industries to the point that many companies moved their production facilities to foreign nations has had the effect of creating more American poverty of all races with liberal-induced snowflake young people only able to live at home with their parents which would only last until either the parents died or were themselves impoverished.

As can be viewed in the above chart, it appears the Ashkenazi Jewish IQ is the highest followed by Asia, then Hispanic, and lastly the American Black IQ (i.e. the African Black IQ is much lower showing that education does improve the IQ level).  Another chart lists the average IQ scores as:  US Ashkenazi Jews 110; US Caucasians 99; Hispanics 88; Native Americans 86; African Americans 85.  The current white population is listed at 72% with the Asian and Jewish populations being relatively equal. 

Producing a Working Class
If the goal is to reduce the IQ level of whites then the best solution is to encourage race mixing of Whites with Blacks and Hispanics.  This would place the overall worker/slave population at an average IQ level between current Blacks and Whites which would strengthen the Blacks but hinder the Whites.  This would place everyone, except the Jewish aristocrats, at a slave worker level.  Dumbing down the curriculum of the public schools would finalize the transformation, which is already occurring unless it can be stopped.  The majority of all racial problems would also be solved because every worker would be basically of the same race.

Now, back to the original question:  “Why do television shows and programs insist on displaying mixed race couples?”  As outlined, the Khazarian Zionist Jews based on the contents of “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of S(Z)ion” believe they are the inheritors of the one world government with Jews as the ruling aristocrats. 

Because of their past expulsion from various parts of the world due to their overpowering, salacious ways and their employment of usurious loans and frauds, many of them have banded together for a common cause of world domination.  This places the Jewish owners of movie and television as supporters of the race mixing mandate.  The racial population figures, given above, show the numbers are not equal.  However, a predominate number of mixed couples are displayed within the media far above the population figures.

The Love of God
John 3:16  For God so loved the world….
Titus 3:4  The kindness and love of God toward man….
1Jn 4:10  Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us….

There is no doubt in my mind that God loves every human being regardless of race or IQ level.  If God desires that all people eventually become one race is unknown to me. 

As has been reported in previous posts, the Revelation is mostly a history of the Church and the world (mainly Europe and East Asia) in a metaphoric and prophetic style.  Several of the fulfilled prophecies entail a foreign invasion of the Church area by Mongels, Arabs, and others.  These foreign invasions surely resulted in mixed breed children from the results of rape or consent among the church people.

The immigrant invasion of Europe, the USA, and elsewhere is certainly allowed by God to occur.  If these occurrences represent punishment, as in the Revelation, or an effort to blend the races is unknown.  The return of the Lord will happen relatively soon.  It is alleged that the world will be stationed with overcomers (i.e. saints of the Most High aka Daniel) acting as administrators, governors, judges, and rulers according to the Laws of God.  If so, then scantily clad women and girls will need to change their ways; pants will be worn at the waist and not below the rear; language will undergo a change; strip clubs will close; nudity will be eradicated from print, movies, and the internet. 

I suspect that many people will despise the return of Jesus even more than they despise the election of Donald Trump as President.

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