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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Statues, the NFL, & the Kingdom


NOTE:  The following article is mostly based on my personal opinions and do not represent a prophetic utterance in any manner.

At the present time, the two most seemingly controversial subjects in the USA are Antifa statue destruction and NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem.  College football teams, professional baseball and basketball players are also joining the practice of kneeling during the performance of the National Anthem.

The big question that comes to my mind is:  Will the Kingdom of God allow or permit statues of any type, as well as national flags, and national anthems to exist during the Millennial reign of Jesus Christ?  As written in recent articles, the Kingdom of God is expected to begin within a short time span according to the understanding of a few overcomers who actually get messages from God.

The Revelation, written by John as a record of the things he saw and heard, is a prophetic history of the Church dating from the time of John to the present and beyond.  The majority of which is now past history until around the latter half of chapter 16.  We are now seeing the disintegration and destruction of Mystery, Babylon around the world particularly in Europe and the USA.  Russia, China (the new kings of the East), and other countries including Iran, India and Venezuela are currently eliminating the US petrol-dollar and returning to a gold backed monetary system. 

According to Benjamin Fulford, the US Corporate Government is out of funds and will soon go bankrupt without an extended source of revenue which they are desperately attempting to acquire.  The US Corporate Government (or US Corporation) is not the actual country based on the Constitution, but the deep state regulators an foreign bankers, with their corporate office located in Puerto Rico along with the IRS.

In February 21, 1871, Congress passed an Act titled: "An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia." This means that Congress created a separate form of government for the District of Columbia.  This Act formed the corporation known as THE UNITED STATES. Note the capitalization, because it is important. This corporation, owned by foreign interests, moved in and shoved the original "organic" version of the Constitution into a corner.

The Statues
Getting back to the subject of statues, there are many people, including pastors and preachers, who do not want to see them being destroyed or removed from public view.  I personally have no objection to them as decorations and ornaments for parks.  However, like many things, they be viewed as a form of idolatry (something or anything that rigorously occupies one’s mind, time, and resources other than the worship of God)? 

The scriptural definition of idolatry appears to go far beyond the practice of sacrificing babies at a Baal shrine.  Jesus stated that one “cannot serve God and mammon” with “mammon including not only money (currency) but most material things that one becomes excessively attached to that are not concerned with living a normal life.

Matthew 6:24 NET  "No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money (mammon).

Although definitions of idolatry vary, below is a good example:

1. The worship of idols, images, or anything made by hands, which is not God.
Idolatry is of two kinds; the worship of images, statues, pictures, &c. made by hands; and the worship of the heavenly bodies, such as the sun, moon and stars, or of demons, angels, men and animals.

2. Excessive attachment or veneration for anything, or that which borders on adoration.

It is doubtful if anyone actually worships statues or a professional sport, however, there are many (and some I know) who display excessive attachment or veneration for a football team or some other sports group.  This attachment syndrome includes more things than merely sports such as cars or car races as only one example.

One’s history should be remembered, but it is our future that should be esteemed.  As Christians we should only honor one single kingdom, not the kingdom of the USA or some other country, but the Kingdom of God.

1 Corinthians 10:14 NET  So then, my dear friends, flee from idolatry.

Colossians 3:5 NET  So put to death whatever in your nature belongs to the earth: sexual immorality, impurity, shameful passion, evil desire, and greed which is idolatry.

1 John 5:21 NET  Little children, guard yourselves from idols.

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