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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Further Babylonian Disintegration


It has been said, by some pundits, that President Trump is not accomplishing anything at all:  no tax reform; no healthcare; no Mexican wall; etc.  However, there are issues happening that would never have happened if H. Clinton had been elected president.

  •  The Syrian military incursion would have escalated with dangerous possible results.  Trump has curtailed the CIA's involvement with rebel factions.
  • CNN has become a failed news network.  Many other networks including the New York Times newspaper are also having issues.
  • Although Congress refuses to budge concerning Russia and are attempting to pass more sanctions, Trump has at least met and talked with Putin.
  • A judge has recently allowed the voter fraud commission to collect voter information.
  • The Supreme Court allowed the incoming immigrants from certain countries to be halted until further notice.
  • The darknet market is being taken down.
  • The ICE team has rounded up and deported many illegals.
  • The Democrat party is imploding in a disgraceful manner.
  • A ban involving transgenders in the military.  (if it remains in place)

The above items may not appear to be much, to some people, but they represent signs that certain aspects of Mystery, Babylon in the USA are being erased.

Other signs of the erasing of Mystery, Babylon include the deaths of Rockefeller and Brzezinski along with the impending death of war monger John McCain.  The Clinton's are now out of the picture and only represent a festering sore.  Bolivia has recently declared independence from the IMF and the World Bank.  The procedures used in other parts of the world are unknown.

It is doubtful that Hillary Clinton will go to prison.  One should keep in mind that God is in control, He is calling the shots, and things will mostly be dwelt with through His laws.  The dead and dying Illuminati servants will be given their rightful punishment by God at the White Throne Judgment.  The people of the world have been allowed to administer their own forms of punishment for centuries, but that time period may be coming to an end.

The Old Covenant, containing the laws of God, make no provision for a jail or prison.  Violators of the laws were punished in some manner.  If the misdemeanor was minor, a whipping from one to no more than forty lashes was given.  When the crime was more serious with a whipping being inadequate, the person was sold as a slave for a certain period of time, particularly when losses of property were involved.  In cases of murder, rape, or some other heinous offense, the perpetrator was executed so that God could deal with the crime, in His own method, at the White Throne Judgment.  The manner of execution was often by stoning so that, perhaps but not certain, the perpetrator would suffer before death, other times by hanging.

Although it is doubtful that Benjamin Fulford is a follower of God, he appears to be relating world events that God is working within to change the course of world politics and financial alignment.  Some of the events and actions he writes about actually happen and others do not happen in the manner he describes, if at all.  To his credit, he states that he only writes concerning things he is told by others and has no control concerning their veracity.

Many of Fulford’s entries concern the concepts of Japan becoming unshackled from the Khazarian mafia (i.e. the Rothschild gang).  He also reports on the constant attempts of the Rothschild Khazarian mafia to shill some country out of their gold holdings or their efforts to confiscate a gold mine at some location.  It appears the elite group is running out of real money although they have rooms of worthless fiat digital money.

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