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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Sex Trafficking & Pedophilia


It may be possible the shooting of Steve Scalise, and others, by James Hodgkinson may have not been a mere random shooting of Republicans.  It appears that Scalise and a few other politician types were writing a bill to combat sex traffickers and pedophilias.

High ranking politicians, government officials, and many others are deeply involved in sex slaves both young male and female.  There have already been several low level busts involving these types of degenerates in the USA as well as Europe.  It could be the rich and powerful deep state maggots enabled Hodgkinson to at least shoot to kill Scalise and some other politicians so it would appear the scenario was a hatred of Republicans and not just the individual bill author.

Like several other events of this type, the gunman was killed so that he could not be interrogated after the fact.

Stephen Jones 6-17-17
Steve Scalise, Republican congressman from Louisiana, was shot and critically wounded on June 13, 2017 by James Hodgkinson of Illinois. The shooter claimed to be angry at President Trump and Republicans in general. Is it just a coincidence that the congressman was working on legislation to outlaw pedophilia? This legislation has alarmed many powerful people in Washington, who are actively involved in pedophilia. (It is estimated that about a third of our government officials are pedophiles.)

The war is heating up. The Babylonians are losing their grip on power, and they do not like it. They have tried to make it appear like the right-wing Republicans are dangerous, but it now becoming more and more obvious that the left-wing Democrats are far more likely to start a shooting war to maintain corruption in government.

From the Hagmann Report by Liz Crokin

Two Republican members of Congress targeted in the Virginia shooting during an early-morning practice for a charity baseball game have recently pushed for legislation to combat sex trafficking.

On June 13, the suspected shooter, James Hodgkinson, shot Rep. Steve Scalise and three others as they practiced baseball in Alexandria, Virginia. Rep. Brad Wenstrup, a veteran combat surgeon, rushed to Scalise’s side to administer emergency medical attention after the bullet struck Scalise in the hip. Both Scalise and Wenstrup have been very vocal about their efforts to end human trafficking through legislation.

On May 25, Scalise posted a video on his YouTube channel and on his Twitter feed discussing recently passed bills in the House to target child predators and to provide protection for human trafficking victims. “The sad truth is that human trafficking is a real problem plaguing each and every community in the United States,” Scalise said. “This week the House took strong action to stand up for the victims of human trafficking, passing tough bills to provide them protection and to target child predators.”

Scalise went on to encourage his colleagues to work together to get the legislation signed into law. “Let’s work together to get these bills signed into law,” Scalise said.

On June 6, Wenstrup published an op-ed on the topic titled Human Trafficking: As Easy as Ordering a Pizza. “It is true – with the rise of the Internet, human trafficking has become one of the fastest growing businesses of organized crime in the world,” Wenstrup wrote. Wenstrup cited that human trafficking generates billions annually in illegal profits around the globe and as many as 17,500 people may be trafficked into the United States every year while approximately100,000 American citizens may be victims of trafficking within the United Sates, according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Congressional Research Service.

Mystery, Babylon Understanding
Revelation 18:12 begins a list of items bought and sold by the merchants of Mystery, Babylon. 

Revelation 18:13 KJV  And cinnamon, and odours, and ointments, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour, and wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses, and chariots, and slaves (literally bodies) and souls (literally breath or dead people) of men.

The last section of verse 13 has bewildered some commentators because of the use of the word slaves.  For those who read certain internet news sites it is known that Arabs take children as sex slaves and sell them as well.  However, not too long ago it became known that sex trafficking was extremely prominent among wealthy politicians and business people within the USA and Europe.  This disease may be festering in other parts of the world but if so, the news has not reached the Western areas.

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