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Sunday, May 14, 2017

MSM and the Renewed Russia Attack


The world, particularly the USA congress and the main stream media, is a mixed up psychopathic mess.  It has been suggested and reported that the majority of congress, especially the Senators have been compromised with sex, pedophilia, and sodomy by the wealthy Jewish and Saudi overlords and subsequently blackmailed.  It is also reported that Jewish billionaire Sheldon Addison has gained a position of absolute power in the Washington DC politics where no congressional or presidential action is taken unless it is approved by him, according to an article on the Veterans Today site.

It is generally known that all the cable and TV mainstream news media are owned and operated by Zionist Khazarian Jews.  Their anchors and newscasters apparently are hired to follow the Zionist Jewish party line, which most seem to do quite well.  This also includes Fox News which appears, for the most part, to have conservative viewpoints although they really don’t say anything important or relevant.  No one, in any of the news services, discusses or reveals the true Satanic underpinnings operating as the hidden governmental powers or the deep state atrocities in current operation.  The only site that actually reveals these highly illegal behind the scenes operations, that I have found, is the Veterans Today internet site, which has some, but not much, to do with actual veteran’ news.

It is my opinion that watching and listening to the main stream media news services will give you very little information concerning actual world events.  Most of it is either fake or false and only gives the audience information in a form and content as proposed by the military, the FBI, the CIA, or Israel.  If the events as given on Veterans Today are actual facts, watching MSM is a total waste of time and effort because of their current Russia-phobia and their attempts to tie Trump and his staff to Russian dealings.

I am only able to maintain my sanity, peace of mind, and the ability to sleep at night because I know that the Lord, God is completely in control.  If things are going wrong, in my mind, it is only because God allows it for a specific purpose.  It may be that certain events in the Revelation will have a secondary fulfillment which will be metaphoric or symbolic and not literal events as described in the Revelation.  Another possible answer is that God will allow the world to become so chaotic with a possibility of total destruction to demonstrate that mankind is not capable of maintaining any sense of control or governance.  Just a thought and not a prophecy.

Below is a series of excerpts from an article appearing on the Daily Stormer website.  This particular website is not recommended to the reader unless you are a racist neo-Nazi or favor that type of information.  They sometimes present interesting articles that most other sites will not touch and they have no fear of identifying the culprits.  I generally scan their headlines each day for otherwise elusive articles and information.

Having Been Completely Silent for Five Weeks, the Entire “Russian Conspiracy” Super-Team Returns in Full Force
Written by Andrew Anglin on the Daily Stormer  May 14, 2017

The whole establishment is back attacking Trump, exactly as they were before 4/6.  They are going HARD.

Sen. Lindsey Graham criticized President Donald Trump on Sunday over the shifting story about his firing of James Comey as FBI director.  After the news broke of Comey’s ouster, Graham said he supported the move. But in the days afterward, the White House struggled to maintain a consistent explanation for the firing, with Trump contradicting his communications team and saying it was “not possible” for them to be accurate all the time.

Anyway, now that there’s a suggestion Comey had a tape, they’re saying Trump must have a tape.  Another blatant attempt to create nonsensical confusion for no other reason than the confusion itself.

In addition to any potential tapes, Graham said Trump should turn over his tax returns.
“I don’t have a reason to subpoena them,” Graham said. “If I get that reason, I’ll do it. But he should turn over his tax returns. He should do that now.”

James Clapper came out with the most outrageous attack of all, appearing with Jew Tapper, claiming that THE US GOVERNMENT IS UNDER ATTACK BY DONALD TRUMP AND THE RUSSIANS TOGETHER.

A Timeline of Events
·  Trump announced a campaign on a populist platform
·   He was declared a joke, subject to nonstop mockery and attacks from the media
·   He just kept winning and winning and winning
·   The entire global Jew establishment tried to stop Trump from becoming President
·   They pulled out every single dirty trick imaginable
·   He won anyway
·   He assembled a team that would have been the exact team to enact his agenda
·   He came in like a wrecking ball, signing executive orders left and right – basically looking like he was going to try to do everything he promised to do
·   The Jewish establishment immediately tried to destroy him completely, trying to get him impeached on weird fake news claims relating to a Russian conspiracy, which they had no evidence for
·   The Trump campaign was in total chaos, as members of his team were being picked-off one-by-one, mainly through illegal spying and leaks done by someone
·   It eventually got to the point where it wasn’t simply that Putin did Wikileaks, but that Trump told him to do Wikileaks
·   ?????
·   There is a video on YouTube of Syria children being sprayed with a waterhose
·   Trump attacks Assad, ostensibly in response to the YouTube clip (known as GAS BABY MEME)
·   Trump turned over control of his administration to two Jews, Kushner and Cohn
·   All talk of the Russian conspiracy ended, completely – like a light switch being turned off; the only person who mentioned that it had gone totally silent was Tucker Carlson
·   Literally, the entire rest of the media, and Adam Schiff and John McCain and Lindsey Graham and Chuck Schumer all just completely stopped talking about it – full stop.
·   Trump proceeded to change basically every single policy he’d not only campaigned on, but spent the first two months of his Presidency trying to enact
·   Trump actually started getting positive media coverage from the Jews, who fawned over Jared and Ivanka, and talked about how fantastic it was that Trump was now just going to be a normal President
·   Trump refused to fight a spending bill, giving Democrats absolutely everything they wanted, effectively making it impossible to fulfill any of his domestic policy agenda – even though it would have been very easy for him to get basically anything he wanted
·   ?????
·   Trump suddenly fired James Comey
·   He had a friendly and constructive meeting with Russia’s top diplomat, Sergei Lavrov
·   General Flynn was subpoenaed for documents relating to the Russian conspiracy
·   The entire Russian conspiracy hysteria picked up exactly where it left off, as if the last five weeks of silence had never happened – we now again, as I showed you above, have nonstop Russia-Russia-Russia on every channel all the time, with all of the same figure out there saying the same things they were saying before the Syria strike
·   The whole rogues gallery – Graham, Schumer, Schiff, Clapper – and their media counterparts – Tapper, Dickerson, Todd – appear to be in a state of complete and total panic

And that’s where we are right now.  That is just an objective statement of the series of events which has taken place over the last two years.

Personally, I think something very, very important behind the scenes happened in both places where I’ve inserted “?????” into my timeline. I think it would be insane to suggest otherwise.

The basically obvious thought would be that Jews somehow took power from Trump during the first “?????” and that in the second “?????,” he somehow leveraged them.

These types of shifts from both the establishment and Trump are just too huge to have anything other than a secret explanation.  But as I’ve said: I’m not going to start hoping yet.  I’m not even going to speculate. We have to wait and see what Trump does next. But we’ve already seen what the Jews and their lackeys are doing – freaking the hell out – and that says a lot.

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