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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Old Babylon VS the New Mystery, Babylon


In the book of the Revelation, it is told that a system of sorts called Mystery, Babylon will be overthrown and destroyed just prior to the return of Jesus Christ.  The identification of Mystery, Babylon is disputed among Bible teachers, believers, and some non-believers.  Some preach that it is Jerusalem or Israel, others New York City or the USA, some that it is the Pope or Vatican, and there are others.  In my opinion it is the worldwide banking, trading, and money-making schemes that have crippled the majority of the countries.  New York City could be considered the bank and stock capital of the world but only a few people are aware that the world’s Rothschild banking system is located in a section of London, England called the “city of London”.  That is where the real power is located.

In the ancient world of the Old Testament (historically) there was an empire called Babylon.  God used this empire to punish and destroy the southern kingdom of Judah.  During three incursion episodes, Babylon captured the majority of the living Judahites and transported them to Babylon.  Daniel the Prophet, when a child, was one of the captives.

Daniel constantly worshipped God and God protected Daniel, who was raised to be the second in command under the King of Babylon.  Through visions, Daniel was able to discern that Babylon would soon be conquered by the second beast empire of Daniel 7 (or chest of the statue – Daniel 2) which would be Persia and Medea. 

From The Implications of Babylon’s Fall 04/01/2015  by Dr. Stephen Jones
NOTE:  All indented paragraphs are quotes by Dr. Jones from the above article (other than scripture verses)

Daniel knew the prophecies of Isaiah 44-45, where God had spoken of Cyrus, king of Persia, by name, calling him God’s “servant” (Isaiah 44:26), His “shepherd,” (Isaiah 44:28), and His “messiah” (Isaiah 45:1).  These chapters of Isaiah prophesied that the second beast empire would be ruled by a “messiah,” in that “he will perform all My desire” (Isaiah 44:28). In the same verse Cyrus was also to declare that Jerusalem would be built and that the foundation of the temple would be laid.

In Daniel 7, the second beast is pictured as a bear which would be Persia (according to most commentators).  Cyrus, the Persian, conquered Babylon and his associate, Darius the Mede, divided the empire into 120 provinces and Daniel was placed as the head of the commissioners, again making him the number two authority right under the king.  When Mystery Babylon is overthrown and Christ returns the glorified worshippers of God, similar to Daniel, will be placed in charge of ruling the world right under the authority of the King.

It is also similar that Persia as a bear could be a type of Russia as a bear that has placed a barrier against the shenanigans of the USA, Israel, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia and has endeavored to bring a certain normalcy of justice in the area of Syria.

Many believe the kings from the east of Revelation 16:12 represent a vast Asian army preparing to battle Christ at His second coming.  However, consider these armies as being led by God to battle injustice and Mystery, Babylon similar to Nebuchadnezzar as a punishment to Judah and particularly Cyrus and Darius as the conquerors of Babylon and the initiation of a rebuilt Judah to prepare for the birth and life of Christ.  These kings could be Iran, China, and Russia, as well as perhaps India.  Recall that God loves and uses all people not just Americans.

Revelation 16:12 NET  Then the sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates and dried up its water to prepare the way for the kings from the east.

Notice the Euphrates river is first dried up which was the same method of Cyrus when conquering Babylon.  The river was diverted which allowed the Persian army to enter the city unannounced.

American Christians have been taught for years that drying up the River Euphrates would open the way for China to send a 200-million man army to invade “Israel.” To them, China is the enemy of God.

In the same manner, Christians believe that Russia is the enemy of Israel (and God) because they continue to believe that Russia, along with Iran and other countries, will invade Israel according to the Gog/Magog prophecy of Ezekiel 38 and 39.  As I have posted on several occasions, the Khazarian Ashkenazi Jews of Russia, Eastern Europe, Iran, and some from the USA and South America invaded the unwalled land of Palestine beginning in the 1930’s and continue to take over land and destroy the local inhabitants to this day.

For more information on the Ezekiel Gog/Magog invasion go to the following links:  Gog Invasion Part 1   Gog Invasion Part 2    Khazars are the Enemy    Gog, Magog, Khazars

China and Russia
According to Benjamin Fulford, Russia is supposed to begin pricing oil (and other commodities) in rubles other than the American dollar.  China (and Russia) are beginning to transfer to gold backed tender and again, eliminate the fiat American dollar.  China was said to have offered the USA a discount on a certain amount of gold bullion if they would convert to a gold backed currency.  If any of Mr. Fulford’s statements are true is unknown to me, but if true it would appear that Mystery Babylon, consisting of thieving bankers and money markets enriching the upper 1%, is beginning to be destroyed.  This may be the reason the Khazarian Oligarch NWO elites are attempting to dismantle Brazil and Argentina – so they will have a place to hide out when the “going gets rough”.  I’m certain they are highly PO’d.  At this point, it could be the “kings of the east” are somewhat symbolic although that may change to reality in the near future.

More Shocks to the System
On January 15, 2015 the Swiss National Bank shocked investors by ceasing to prop up the value of the euro. Immediately, the euro dropped 30% in relation to the Swiss franc. Financial institutions around the world went bankrupt within thirty minutes.

Later on January 25, 2015 the Greeks elected new leaders who had vowed to get rid of the painful austerity measures that the previous administration had put in place. Their enormous debt load is still being negotiated at the present time, but the bottom line is that these debts are unpayable. It is only a matter of time before they declare a Jubilee, which will bankrupt many central banks and whole countries.

The USA lost face on February 13, 1015, when the Minsk Agreement was signed, putting an end (relatively speaking) to the Civil War in Ukraine. This agreement bypassed the US altogether, because Germany, France, and Russia deliberately excluded the US. Why? The nations were alarmed at the US efforts to start a war with Russia, which would probably hurt European nations more than the US.

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is an international financial institution with the goal to support the building of infrastructure.  This banking system was instigated by China and Russia.  The deadline for joining was March 31, 2015.  Great Britain, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and South Korea have joined the organization.  The US government were quite miffed.

The US attempt to isolate Russia and to contain China’s rise has backfired, as other Western nations abandon their past alliances and form new alliances with the East. It seems that the only option left for the Babylonian oligarchs is to find a way to go to war. The US has a long history of forcing other nations into war, or, if that fails, of engaging in “false flag” operations as a pretext to declare war.

Muslim Immigrants
Another attempt to create chaos is the influx of Muslim immigrants into Europe.  The financial cost will be enormous.  Some pundits have stated that Erdogan has a dream of creating a new Ottoman empire by sending migrants into Europe who hopefully will take over the Union.  One commentator has recently claimed that Erdogan will be the so-called antichrist and Islam, or the new Ottoman Empire will be the Revelation beast.  It is my opinion that Russia will lodge a nuclear cruise missile in his rectum before that happens.

It has also been mentioned that Europe’s Islamic immigrants represent the demonic locusts ascending from the bottomless pit of Revelation 9.  I suppose molesting and raping without killing would be torment.

Revelation 9:3-5 KJV  And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power.  (4)  And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads.  (5)  And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man.

It remains to be seen if this Islamic immigrant torment will continue for a total of five months.

The Destruction of Jerusalem
The six-day war in 1967 brought about the Israeli occupation of Jerusalem. From that point on, Isaiah 29:1-6 could be fulfilled. In this passage, God reveals His grand strategy to overthrow His enemies who occupy Jerusalem.

1 Woe, O Ariel, Ariel the city where David once camped! Add year to year, observe your feasts on schedule. 2 And I will bring distress to Ariel, and she shall be a city of lamenting and mourning; and she shall be like an Ariel to me.

The Hebrew name Ariel refers poetically to the city of Jerusalem. The name has a double meaning: (1) lion of God; and (2) hearth of God—that is a place of burning.

Jerusalem was supposed to be the “lion of God,” but because of its rebellion against God, it was to be turned into a hearth, a place of burning. Hence, we should understand the end of verse 2 to read, “she shall be like a hearth to me.”

3 And I will camp against you encircling you, and I will set siege works against you, and I will raise up battle towers against you.

God says that HE is the One directing the siege against Jerusalem. In other words, God has raised up foreign armies against Jerusalem and has taken their side in this battle. So who will win the battle?

4 Then you shall be brought low; from the earth you shall speak, and from the dust where you are prostrate, your words shall come. Your voice shall also be like that of a spirit from the ground, and your speech shall whisper from the dust.

The prophet was quoting the words of God speaking to the city of Jerusalem. He continues,

5 But the multitude of your [Jerusalem’s] enemies shall become like fine dust, and the multitude of the ruthless ones like the chaff which blows away; and it shall happen instantly, suddenly.

Jerusalem’s enemies are seen occupying the city where David once lived. God defines enemies as those who hate Him (Lev. 26:40-42; Isaiah 63:10).

Verse 6 appears to describe a nuclear attack with “thunder, an earthquake, a loud noise with a whirlwind and a tempest and the flame of a consuming fire”.  Someone will certainly get highly annoyed with the Khazarian mafia.

6 From the Lord of hosts you will be punished with thunder and earthquake and loud noise, with whirlwind and tempest and the flame of a consuming fire.

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