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Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Current State of the End Times


There appears to be a cabal of nations attempting to destroy the world, create a one world government, and insure the nation of Israel the majority of the Middle East as a nation.

The primary nation among this cabal is Israel and its associated Jewish-Rothchild-Khazarian bankers.  The home of the banking Babylon is located in the City of London which is a district of London, England. From there the deadly usurious octopus has spread its tentacles into practically every country in the world with the USA being the premiere financial whore.  The United Kingdom comes in at a close second to the USA. France, Germany, and other Western European countries are contenders but lack the Federal Reserve printing press and their particular currency as the world’s reserve rate (although that may change in a short period of time).   

It appears the USA is controlled by the Jews:  from banking, financial institutions, Hollywood, music industry, the majority of the media, industry, to control of the White House, Congress, and the government in general.  The USA has been the initiator of government coups all over the world including the so-called Arab Spring.  These coups do not appear to have any connection to the USA in any manner.

Great Britain was responsible for the overthrow of the Ottoman empire during WWI and the division of the empire into the current nations as found today.  The Balfour declaration gave the general area of Canaan to the Ashkenazi Khazarian Jews as a nation which was quickly acknowledged by the USA.  The Khazarians swarmed in from Germany, Russia, Eastern Europe, Iran, and South America as terrorists killing Palestinians and other Jews to accomplish the enlargement of the nation of Israel.  The Gog-Magog invasion of Ezekiel was partially fulfilled and continues today with the stealing of land from the Palestinians.  Soon they will be destroyed by God for the completion of the prophecy.

The migration of the Assyrian sponsored deportation of real Israelites to northeastern Assyria and eventually to northwest Europe and then to the Americas began around 640 BC.  Many Biblical and religious people do not acknowledge the relocation of the lost ten tribes as Europeans or the original USA citizens.  They consider the Jews as the entire descendants of all twelve tribes of Israel and Judah.  It might be easier to accept the cabal of one word government nations including Israel, Great Britain, and the USA if Britain and America were not descendants of northern Israel.

The Syrian Fiasco
The Middle Eastern wars began after the twin towers debacle which was considered by some to be the work of Israel and certain USA government officials.  It has been said the USA declared war with Afghanistan to reestablish the poppy fields and cocaine production.  It was later said the wars in Iraq were declared to access oil fields and to gain territory for gas pipe lines.

Internet articles claim that Quatar wants a gas pipeline to Europe that would run   through Syria.  However Turkey wants the Quatar pipeline that goes to Europe to run through Turkey and Syria. Assad has blocked this pipeline.  Iran wants their own pipeline to Europe through Syria and are opposed to the Quatar concept.  The Iran pipeline would bypass Turkey and thus Turkey and Quatar wants Assad to go but Iran is supporting Assad.  Why this concerns the USA, Great Britain, and France is highly questionable other than perhaps greed.

Why does the USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, NATO, and Israel want to rid Syria of Assad?  It has been said that Israel desires to expand their territory by eventually integrating Syria and other areas into their realm.  That may or may not be the correct reason.  It certainly doesn’t completely describe the overthrow of Egypt and Libya.  There is no reason the USA should be at war with any of these countries.  It is the desire of Israel for the mid-east and north African wars and for some reason Israel is involving the USA, Great Britain, France, and Germany into this conflagration.  Perhaps it is because their actual communist (although they claim it is democratic) system is bankrupt and they must use their slave whores to do their military work for them.

Is Russia a Tool of God?
God has used heathen nations to do His bidding all through Biblical times.  The Assyrians were used to conquer and take captive the northern nation of Israel.  Next the Babylonian empire was employed to conquer the nation of Judah, destroy Jerusalem and the temple, and take captives for 70 years for the purpose of establishing a scenario for the birth of Jesus Christ.  Prior to the birth of Christ, God moved the Roman empire to encompass the Judean territory.  The Judahites refused to accept their submission to the Romans and the majority refused to accept the Kingdom of God and the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Now it appears that God is using Russia and China to right some of the wrongs that are being done in Syria and the Middle East.  This may not be apparent to most people and it may not even be true.  How this relates to end time prophecy is unknown to me at the moment.  Russia is appearing to dismantle the ISIS/ISIL infrastructure in the Syrian area.  Israel, the USA, and possibly other nations are credited with creating the terrorist group.  They are currently stealing Syrian and Iraqi oil and bootlegging it through Turkey.  If Turkey is taken down by Russia, one of the last hopes of the cabal of tyrannical nations may be removed.  Many commentators appear to be amazed that ISIS is invading and causing destruction in various Arab territories with the exception of Israel. 

China now has its currency in the world currency basket.  They have bought and accumulated a tremendous amount of gold during the past several years and their currency may soon be placed upon a gold standard rather than the fiat money of the Khazarian bankers.  If this occurs, it may be a devastating blow to the NWO fiat money system.

Summary Comments
I am not a preacher and don’t pretend to be.  I consider myself somewhat versed in Biblical prophecy but I am not an expert and I don’t receive visions or dreams from God that I am aware of.  However, from recent study, it should be said that the modern, ultra-literal, supernatural, Hal Lindsey, version of end times prophecy may not be correct.  Americans, including me, seem to think that we are the good guys and everyone else is a bad guy candidate but that may not be the correct opinion.  It is beginning to appear that Israel (the Khazarian Jews) and its slave nation known as the USA government may be the bad guys causing the disruption of the world’s society.  The majority of the citizenry of North America, England, France, Australia, and others are basically brain dead sheep without a clue concerning Biblical prophecy and the actual state of the affairs of the world.  Whether one accepts it or not, the Russians may be a nation being used by God to correct the wrongs of Israel and its slave nation. 

Will there be a wrath of God as described in the Revelation?  I believe there will be.  The manner in which it is executed would be a guess but I will assume it will appear similar to that as written in the book of the Revelation.  The world was flooded in the days of Noah by seemingly unusual but otherwise natural causes which were known and instigated by God.  Immanuel Velikovsky and others have postulated that planetary intrusions and misalignments caused many of the unusual features of the Egyptian exodus which were known and planned/designed by God.  A similar planetary-type of destruction may occur as the wrath of God in a more or less literal manner as written and described in the Revelation.

The Judeans and their leaders crucified Jesus Christ because they desired to have the kingship of Judah to themselves.  Jesus was and is the King of Judah and the kingship is His and His people are the Kingdom of God.  When the British gave the land of Canaan to the Khazarian Jews according to the Balfour mandate, they essentially handed the physical (not heavenly) kingship to the Khazarian Jews and the Jews, in a spiritual sense (not heavenly) became their own Messiah and consequently, the rulers of the world.  The Khazarian Jews are currently attempting to foist that rulership over the entire world with the military of their puppet whores of the USA, Britain, France, and a few others.

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  1. I have heard the City of London is called The Black Vatican, the real seat of power.. money rules.. even over popes.