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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Great Delusion: The Epic Hoax Coming Soon


Original Post 1/20/2015 | Edited and Revised Post 7/13/2018

We currently live in an extremely informed world.  News and events are available at any time of the day.  The internet is an extraordinary instrument of knowledge.  We also live in a world of consummate liars and fabricators.  Many times, it is difficult to confirm the truth from the lies.  If it proceeds from the mouth of a government official, anywhere in the world, it is most likely a lie or a half-truth, which is the same as a lie.

The behind-the-scenes rulers with their live-on-stage puppets are very definitely attempting to repress the world into a one-world government.  It will be the Tower of Babylon reprieve at the end of the age.  The USA, the empire in charge of destruction and conquering, just prints more worthless money to buy weapons.  Various sources have reported that the USA, Britain, (mostly) and other European countries are the perpetrators behind the drug trade.  This is the main reason Afghanistan was invaded.  Other near east countries along with northern Africa were invaded for their oil supplies.  In the past they had made deals for the oil, which was apparently agreeable until these countries wanted to be independent of the Western powers and attempt to increase their standard of living. 

This influx of internal wealth of these oil countries was unacceptable to the world rulers because it might harm their reduced population scheme.  Healthy people with food and medicine lived longer and had more children.

I will end my rant of the global government schemes and proceed with my original intent.  It would be simple to write a book on world events, the government lies, and the intrigues and maneuverings of the world rulers and their puppets.  However, experience has taught me that few will believe me anyway.  The ones who may give some credence will say to themselves, “what a pity” and then dismiss it and go watch television. 

As stated earlier, it is currently very easy to get instant information concerning world events although one must be skilled to separate the truth from the lies.  However, very few individuals will do this.  It is easier to just let life go on and not worry about events unless one is personally involved.  Too many people are not involved and many won’t or don’t believe it is true.  It just goes beyond their mindset and upbringing.  Several bloggers and article writers have a word to describe these people, “SHEEP”, and that is the way the rulers want you to be.

The video below is from the Open Scroll Blog by Bob Schlenker.  The Open Scroll.  He writes on a variety of subjects but lately he appears to dwell on Illuminati, world government symbolism in movies, commercials, and industrial symbols.  He makes the case the illumined ones enjoy flaunting their plans within media, in a method that is fairly obvious to the adepts but flies over the heads of the majority of the people (sheep).  Some of Bob’s presentations are not that obvious to me.  Occasionally, it seems that he is “beating a dead horse”.  However, this one is different.  I believe, the commercial’s intent  will be apparent to most viewers as well as Bob’s explanation which will be relevant.

The commercial is about the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport.  It includes scenes from a motorcycle bar, a wedding chapel in Las Vegas, and ends with the releasing of a falcon by a man and woman called “Falcon Rescue”.

The motorcycle bar has a sense of racial tension that quickly dissolves.  The wedding chapel features two aged individuals driving away after getting married in a Mitsubishi Mirage (not an Outlander).  They are supposed to represent the Messiah and the Bride leaving because the ceremony (rapture) has already occurred and most everyone has missed it.  The ending scene is the release of the falcon which represents raising Osiris into the last-days “man of sin” Horus, or the beast from the abyss.  He also shows part of another commercial featuring a star-gate transit (as he calls it) and Santa (or Satan) on skies with his rear end toward the camera (see video for details). 

The Following Paragraphs are quotes from Bob Schlenker

Mitsubishi's Falcon Rescue commercial is about the rescue of Horus from his place of exile, releasing him back into our dimensional realm. That's a picture of the revealing of the lawless one, 2 Thessalonians 2. Included in this commercial are the manipulations that prepare the world to receive him, which we already see at work in the news.

Just before a fraudulent savior will conveniently appear on the scene, saints who consider themselves too well informed to fall for such a fraud will be hoaxed, and will indeed fall for it. Doubt it? Watch the video and see it dramatized, again.

The text goes on to make the point that the day of the Lord, with our gathering to Him, has not yet come, and we're assured that it won't until after we see a sign, actually two signs in tandem. The main sign is the revealing of the lawless one himself, in Mitsubishi's allegory, the Falcon Rescue, and the other is related to it as a prelude and segue. An epic hoax is appointed for our near future that will quickly shake saints from their composure, and they won't recover until they have suffered substantial loss for the failing of their faith. What's going to be targeted is our hope in the promised reward for obedience that comes with resurrection, and a joining with our Bridegroom.

The Mitsubishi commercial spills the beans on how we're going to be presented with the illusion that the Messianic Bride and Groom already married and left on their honeymoon. Obviously then, the conclusion is that we missed out. It already happened. We're going to be shown a vision like a mirage, a distorted image that will deceive many. As I have written on The Open Scroll, with extensive and some very technical documentation, we should expect an impressive kind of multimedia - multisensensory - multidimensional vision that will be experienced around the globe. This almost irresistible projection, through time itself, will engage and convince the world that the only hope remaining is in a savior that is about to manifest and show himself to be god. The display will be quite real but yet unreal, an edited version, a fraudulent fabrication that will come with supernatural delusion, and the lies will be accepted by the vast majority as if it is undeniable proof.

A falcon rescue pictures Osiris raised into Horus through the agency of Isis. The incarnation of Horus is pictured, which the Bible calls the Antichrist beast. It's a layered enactment of 2 Thessalonians 2. The events leading up to that event are also pictured, which we already see in the news.

(2 Thessalonians 2:2-4 NET)

(For you) not to be easily shaken from your composure or disturbed by any kind of spirit or message or letter allegedly from us, to the effect that the day of the Lord is already here. Let no one deceive you in any way. For that day will not arrive until the rebellion comes and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction. He opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, and as a result he takes his seat in God's temple, displaying himself as God.

Schlenker (or the commercial) makes the claim that Horus could be raised from the abyss to become the beast.  Peter Goodgame states that Horus is the Egyptian name for Nimrod (or Asshur) and he thinks that Nimrod will be the beast, which would be the identical individual.  The identity of the beast may all be symbolic speculation but some entity will be the beast and it may be an ancient entity ascended from the abyss.

It should be noted that the identity of the beast from the sea in Revelation 13 was originally the Pope/Vatican/Holy Roman Empire.  When the pope died in prison after being captured by Napoleon, the reinstated pope no longer had an empire and the Vatican's finances were delegated to a banking institution which later became the Rothschild group of banks.
Schlinker, Goodgame, and the commercial are mistaken and they need to upgrade their prophetic understanding. 

It is my opinion the Luciferian (Satanic) occult group is desperately attempting to create a one world government with an elite few in charge, a massive population decrease, a group of mixed breed working people, and the Chinese as an industrial base.  When will it happen?  It could be soon and it may be a few years, but it will happen.  The elite have certain things they first must accomplish, what they are I do not know.  They get their orders, inspiration, and guidelines from Satan and demons (which they refer to as Lucifer and spirit guides).  Their problem is that Satan is a liar and a manipulator and his final plans may be somewhat different than the elite and their puppets expect.  

As the beginning of the Kingdom of God draws nearer, it appears that Mystery Babylon will be destroyed although with lots of confusion and some false flags.  However, although a nuclear weapon or two may be used, there will be no full scale nuclear WWIII.  Albert Pipe had no concept of nuclear weapons.  Rather than Jews and Muslims wiping each other out, most of the world’s population centers will be annihilated and the remainder will die of radiation.

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